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Some people only need to hear the word “cardiac,” and they would start to associate it with anything related to the heart. There are a lot of people who know and understand how important the heart is. Some would even say that this is probably one of the essential parts of the body. Without a heart, people will not be able to survive.

Some machines are available in hospitals that will make the heart pump when it does not want to pump on its own, but this might mean that the person connected to that machine will not be able to recover anymore. How much do you know about heart health? How can you possibly make your heart stronger? Different quizzes are available online that will let you know if you are taking good care of your heart or not.

Name the class associated with the cardiac drug. This quiz is set at an 80% to pass.

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    Chlorothiazide(Diuril) and Hydrochlorothiazide(Esidrix,HCTZ) are what drug class:

Cardiac disorders

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    It is also considered a back flow. The valve does not close properly and blood backflows through the valve. This disorder is also known as:

The quiz will assess the nurse's knowledge of cardiac drips.

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    An asmatic patient's rythym has gone into SVT.  After assessing you determine that he is stable. Which of the following would you not do?

Hello everyone and welcome back to another quiz in our long line of medical examinations. Today we’ll be taking a close look at some terrible illnesses and conditions including myocarditis, Lyme disease, as well as...

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    A 35-year-old female from Argentina complained for 3 months of shortness of breath, ankle swelling and palpitations. An X-ray showed cardiomegaly and a serological test showed antibodies to Trypanosoma cruzi. Before the serological result was available, the doctor suspected Chagas’ disease because of which clue?

Cardiovascular nurses work with cardiologists to nurse a patient with cardiovascular disorders back to health. Being that sicknesses affecting the heart are pretty serious and fatal extra care should be given. Take up the...

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    Normal Sinus Rhythm is best represented by

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Cardiac Questions & Answers

What would be the next best action in the case below?  You see a 68-year-old woman as a patient who is transferring care to your practice. She has a 10-year history of hypertension,...
Why would you prescribe an ACE when the JNC8 recommendations is to treat a BPof >140/90 ages 18-59 and150/90 for those 60 and older?
What nursing diagnosis is used for Pericarditis?
The type of test that is used in order to pinpoint if the person is suffering from pericarditis is to do a cardiac CT. This will be effective in checking the thickness of the pericardium. There are also other tests that are needed to determine the se
When using an unfamiliar biphasic defibrillator, the initial energy level selected is?
1. 200j-see guideline 11.5 of the australian guidelines, and page 45 of the uk guidelines.for rectilinear biphasic waveforms the energy should be greater than 120j, and for truncated exponenetial waveforms it should be greater than 150j.theefore, it
Which heart chamber would most likely have been opened had the blade completely penetrated this wall? In preparation for thoracic surgery, a median sternal splitting procedure was carried out. But...
The correct answer is option D The right ventricle is the heart chamber most likely to have been opened had the blade penetrated completely. The heart is an organ located in the thoracic chamber of the body. It has four chambers namely: Left and righ