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Take a look at some of them to get an idea: When is the term biotechnology believed to have been coined? What are the basic areas of medicine where biotechnology is applied today? What is the basic purpose when obtaining genetically modified crops? Approximately how much of the world’s crop lands were planted with GM crops in 2010? Become a biotechnology expert with our most recent trivia right now.
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Biotechnology is the application of technology to alter the different biological concepts and ideas. How much do you know of biotechnology? How about its application to the modern world? Find out below and all the best.

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    Transgenic plants are plants having:

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    The enzyme that cuts specifically recognition sites in DNA is known as:

Students try this quiz after studying biotechnology in class.  

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       Biotechnology is about…    

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    The nitrogen bases which pair with two hydrogen bonds are

The term “biotechnique” is given to any form of technique used in the study of biotechnology – i.e. the exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other processes. What do you know about these...

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    1.      A handy tool for determining the differences between two cell types.

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Biotechnology Questions & Answers

What is biotechnology? How would you explain biotechnology to a friend?
Biotechnology is an amalgamationof all the sciences and uses highly principled techniques to either enhance the functioning and productivity of an already existing phenomena or to invent new things and phenomena by manipulating theorganisms n the mic
What is the function of a vector in genetic engineering?
A vector is a DNA molecule used to carry additional genetic material into a cell. A vector that carries foreign DNA is called recombinant DNA. There are four types of vectors including cosmids, viral vectors, plasmids, and artificial chromosomes. Th
What is the function of gel electrophoresis in genetic engineering?
Gel electrophoresis is a purification process whereby different proteins are separated according to their molecular weight. The charged molecules are aligned and a charge is applied that causes the molecules to move according to their weight. This se
What is the function of the polymerase chain reaction in genetic engineering?
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a common laboratory technique used to make many copies of a particular region of DNA. Typically, the goal of PCR is to make enough of the target DNA region that it can be analyzed or used in some other way. For inst
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