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What is the only body system not necessary for survival? If you answered with the reproductive system then these quizzes are right up your alley. While not necessary for a person’s survival, the human reproductive system is necessary for our species’ survival. It is how we procreate, or in simple terms, make babies.
For men, this includes organs such as the testes, scrotum, and penis. In women, it includes ovaries, the uterus, and fallopian tubes. Just how much do you know about how babies are made? Where do words like fallopian and testes come from? Why do women menstruate every month? Does a man’s sperm change with age? Test your skill at reproducing good answers with these quizzes on the reproductive system in humans.
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The human male reproductive system is full of wonders, and we have covered all the parts of the system and their functions when it comes to reproduction. The quiz below is designed to test out how much you understood. All you...

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Welcome, in this quiz, we are going to focus on the organs that keep our bloodlines flowing and ensure more generations exist long after we’re gone – this quiz is all about the reproductive systems! That’s...

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    The Seminal Vesicle is:

Anatomy & Physiology Unit 9 - Reproductive System Unit Test

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    The main purpose of the male reproductive system is to:

Reproductive system questions. Linked to the "Conception" case unit. Also a few questions linked to the "Adolescence" case unit.

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    This structure protects and regulates the temperature of the testes

The male and female reproduction system has all the components that are needed for reproduction to take place. In biology class, we got to discuss all these parts and how to identify them. Do you think you understood the topics...

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    The urethra can be found only the male reproductive system

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Reproductive System Questions & Answers

Where from the fertilized ovum attaches within the females body?
The answer to this is endometrium. For those who are not aware, this is the lining of the uterus that is located at the innermost portion. This will make sure that no adhesions will take place. This will help maintain the patency of the uterine cavit
Which microscopic hairs propel the ovum towards the uterus?
The correct answer to this question is CILIA. The microscopic hairs that propel the ovum towards the uterus are collectively known as cilia. After the egg has been fertilized by a sperm, it begins to migrate towards the uterus for implantation as the
What process is the difference of female & male reproductive system?
The female and male reproductive systems are different from each other. While there are some similar features, the differences should be noted. First of all, the testes produce the male gamete. The female reproductive system produces the female gamet
What is label # 11 here?
The penis is part of the male reproductive system, and unlike the female reproductive system, which is located on the inside of the body, the system is located on the outside in what would be called the suprapubic area. This organ has many uses, one
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