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  • What are the two things that decide on how powerful an electric force is?

  • Field lines start on positive charges and end on negative charges.
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  • When drawing field lines, the lines should always cross.
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  • Electric field lines are used to describe the electric field around a charged object.
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  • A very small ball has a mass of 5.0e-3 Kg and a charge of 4 uC. What magnitude electric field directed upward will balance the weight of the ball?

  • Estimate the magnitude of electric field strenght due to the proton of hydrogen atom at a distance of 5.39e-11m. The expected position of the electron in the atom.

  • the magnitude of the electric force between two protons is 2.3e-26 N. how far apart are they?

  • A charge q is placed at the center of the line joining two equal charges Q. The system of the three charges will be in equilibrium if q is equal to
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  • Charge Q is divided into two parts which are then kept some distance apart. The force b/w them will be maximum if the two parts are
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  • Two identical metal balls with charges +2Q & -Q are separated by some distance, & exerts a force F on each other. They are joined by a conducting wire, which is then removed. The force between them will now be
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