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And now...we have what you would call, a rather splashy situation. We have a planet, that is named after a sea god, because it's color is simulates of the sea. Which planet are we talking about? It's not called's Neptune!

Do you know about this outer-rim planet? Do you know what do it's rings made up of? How many moons it has? And when is it the 8th planet, and when is it the 7th? Prepare to answer questions about this planet full of gas! Can you name the two scientists that were trying to discover it, and can you tell us who actually did? Attempt our trivia quizzes on Neptune to know more about the blue planet!
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    What color is Neptune.

A Quiz on the book the son of neptune.

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    What type of Monster is chasing Percy at the beggining of the book.

This test is on the planets Uranus and Neptune.It also contains questions on the Kuiper Belt.

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    The rotation of Uranus is peculiar in that

A quiz about the roman god Neptune.

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    What is Neptune the god of?

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    Neptune is the ____ planet in the solar system.


Neptune Questions & Answers

Why was Neptune discovered through predictions and not observation?
There are some mathematicians, astronomers, and scientists who realized that Uranus does not normally follow its orbit 100%. There are times when it goes out of orbit from time to time. Since they did not understand the orbit of Uranus at all, they s
Why is Neptune the darkest planet?
Neptune is known to be a dark planet probably because the heat of the sun does not reach it too much anymore. This is a cold planet with a temperature that may be increased further because of the very strong winds. One thing that is unique about Nept
Why is Galileo not credited with the discovery of Neptune?
This is because Galileo did not properly name the planet when he saw it. He has already observed Neptune in the past. He just created a dot to signify where it is. This was not something that people paid attention to. The only time that people starte
Why are rings present on Saturn and Uranus but not on Neptune?
There was a time when the Genesis of Planets took place. This was the period wherein some of the debris was not able to become part of the planet. According to some studies, the rings that are present in Saturn and Uranus also come from the old moons
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