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The disposal of items that are not decomposable naturally into water bodies is one of the reasons why there is an increase in water pollution, and the second one is oil spillage. The effect of water pollution can be seen in the...

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    Is this polluted water?

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    A disease cluster occurs when:

Air and water pollution has caused a lot of dangers to living things worse, even death in some cases. The main reason for these two types of pollution is the improper disposal of waste materials. Do you know which country has the...

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    Which of the following is an example of a nonpoint source of fresh water pollution?

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    ------are a way of collecting and treating water in rural area.

Human activities are one of the reasons behind water pollution that has caused a lot of death for marine creatures. Do you know some of the activities that increase this evil, and what must be done to reverse the effects of...

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    The zombie creating chemicals we spray on our lawns should be watered in right away. 


Water Pollution Questions & Answers

What are the main causes of water pollution?
The main causes of water pollution ultimately stems from humans. The water is where many toxins run off from factories and from households. Water that comes from washing machines and dish washers has to go somewhere as does the waste from factories.
How can we prevent water from getting polluted?
We, as humans, can do many things to keep water pure and to prevent water pollution. One thing we can do is limite or eliminate the use of plastic goods because that is the largest source of water pollution. We can drink out of metal or glass contain
How many types of water pollution are there?
There are 7 types of water pollution, and all are important to eradicate. Surface water pollution from our trash such as water bottles, plastics and other waste products. Groundwater pollution is caused by highly toxic chemicals and pesticides from f
How does water pollution kill water animals?
Water pollution gets into the fish and kills them. Fish actually breathe water, you might say. Plus, they live in it. And so do other aquatic creatures. When living in pollution, they live, eat, sleep, breathe and drink it. How could it no
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