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What will be the final temperature of water that was initially 40°C but was mixed with water that was 20 °C?
We all already know as standard knowledge that mixing hot water with cold water will raise the temperature and that the opposite applies as well, mixing cold water with hot water will lower the temperature. If water that is 40 degrees celsius is mixe
What is the correct answer? The _________  is the temperature at which fats and oils begin to smoke, which means that the fat has begun to break down and burn.This question is...
The temperature at which a fat begins to break down and burn is called the Smoking Point. Different fats and oils will have different smoking points. The refinement levels of different fats also play a role in determining the smoking point. The smok
What is the difference between Cold rolled and Hot tolled steel?
The process of hot rolling encompasses rolling steel at a temperature above the steel’s recrystallization temperature, which takes place over 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Steel that is above the recrystallization temperature can be molded and form
What is the difference between Glass and Pyrex?
Pyrex is the brand name for a well-loved heat resistant glassware product, introduced by the Corning company 100 years ago. Today Pyrex is typically utilized in the lab with test tubes, dishes, and beakers. Pyrex is used in the kitchen for baking, st