Precipitation Quizzes & Trivia

Raindrops, ice pellet, hail, snow, and graupel - there are few people who can actual appreciate these forms of precipitations to their real extent. If you believe you are one of these particular few, you should test your adherence by answering the precipitation quizzes.

Here are some sample questions: “How does the air become saturated?”, “What is the expected amount of liquid precipitation accumulated over a specific time period, over a specified area called?”, “What phenomenon occurs when water droplets fuse to create larger water droplets, or when water droplets freeze onto an ice crystal?”, and “What does the increase in the number of heavy precipitation events occurred only in the past century indicate?”. You do not need to precipitate your answers, but focus on proving our weatherman skills.

Precipitation happens when a part of the atmosphere gets saturated with water vapor. There are significant forms of precipitation that include drizzle, rain, sleet, snow, graupel, and hail. It is the primary element of the...

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    What is precipitation?

This quiz will tell you wether you are snow, rain, hail, or sleet.

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    Your parents decide to get a dog (you've never had one in your life before), the first thing you think is:

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Precipitation Questions & Answers

Which of the following forms of precipitation is made up of two types of precipitation?
Rain is made up of two types of precipitation because yeah okay
How many forms of precipitation are there?
There are six forms of precipitation i.e. rain, snow, drizzle, glaze, sleet, hail
Which type of precipitation would be the most dangerous to drive in?
Whyhail is the most dangerous not rain and sleet
Is the rain measured in degrees?
Rain is measured in centimeters, not in degrees . WE measure the amount of rain , not anything else.