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"Rain, rain, go away, come again another day." Talking about rain... Is meteorology your field? Browse through our collection of quizzes about meteorology and test the waters! Meteorology helps us predict Mother Nature’s bizarre weather patterns!Being a meteorologist is an interesting career, don't you think?But the quest to this line of work is not as easy as it seems.

Subjects like physics, calculus, and computer science, among others, might blow you away! Do you know the history of meteorology? When was the first daily weather forecast printed? Does the “Book of Signs” sound familiar to you? Do you have good pattern recognition skills? A lot of things rely on weather predictions; from temperature to rain forecasts, even the stock market relies on weather patterns! Try our quizzes about meteorology. No rain checks allowed!
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    A stable air mass is most likely to have which characteristic?

See if you know your stuff!  Take this quiz till you get a 100%!

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    What is the atmospheric layer where most weather occurs

Meteorology is a division of the atmospheric sciences that entails atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics. The most prominent area of meteorology is weather forecasting. Meteorological studies are observable weather...

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    Every physical process of weather is accompanied by or is the result of…..

This is a pretest for our meteorology unit.  This test is meant to see how much you already know about the subject.  You will only be getting a completion grade for this assignment.  Your score will only be used by me to see...

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    Which answer best describes Earth's atmosphere?

Meteorology Quiz.

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    What is the atmospheric layer closest to the Earth's surface called

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Meteorology Questions & Answers

What causes differences in air pressure around the Earth?
Warm air rises at the equator and cold air sinks at the poles.
What is a cyclone?
A cyclone refers to a weather phenomenon in which a system of winds rotates inwardly or around a center of low atmospheric pressure. A cyclone seems like a general term for different kinds of natural occurrences such as tornadoes, extratropical cyclo