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Rocky and terrestrial, Earth is an amazing planet comprising water bodies, valleys, mountains, plains, canyons, and more. How aware are you of the different layers of the Earth, its rotation, soil, and mineral compositions? Take the online Earth science quizzes and know everything that is to know about this beautiful planet.

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The planets that we know of so far are in constant motion and the earth is no exemption. The earth orbits around the sun in what we have come to identify as revolution and spins around its axis. This process cannot be viewed...

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     The earth spins on an angled tilt called a(n)

To help me stud.

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    What are the four agents of erosion?

Most of the people usually don't know the difference between a mineral and a rock. A mineral is a naturally occurring solid that has a chemical composition and formed through geological processes. A rock, however, is made up...

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    True or False: The factor that determine's a mineral physical characteristcs is based upon the internal arrangement of atoms.

There are different types of resources in existence when it comes to earth. The resources are divided into either renewable or non-renewable. Have you been paying good attention to class lately and think you can tackle any quiz...

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    Hard, Non-living thing that comes from Earth, contains one or more minerals.

This exam cover the atmosphere, pollution, and glaciers

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    Where is the world's largest ice sheet located today?

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Earth Science Questions & Answers

Which of the following statements best describes why the Earth has the four seasons?
How is C. the answer can you please explain to me because i have a earth science sol coming up and want to pass it with a 400 or higher.
Which statement provides evidence that the Earth revolves around the Sun?
The most compelling statement provided here is that different star constellations are visible on Earth at different seasons of the year, or answer D. For many hundreds of years, everyone has known that the earth revolves around the sun. However, the
Which of the following correctly describes the movement of Earth, Moon and sun?
In science class when we were younger, we all learned that the Earth rotates around the sun. When the earth does this, it creates the seasons depending on where you live. Every planet in the solar system rotates around the sun. Some of the planets ha
Which of the following definitions best describes an independent variable?
The factors that can be changed by the person performing the experiment can be described as an independent variable. This is a concept that has been brought by mathematical research and studies that date back to ancient times. A dependent variable is