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Alright, you may be a genius when it comes to identifying countries on the globe. But what do you know about HUMAN Geography - the world’s peoples, communities and cultures? The study of human geography centers on the core fields of animal geography, cultural geography, development geography, economic geography, health geography, historical geography, political geography, population geography and settlement geography. So what do you know about this vast field of study concerning the globe and all the people on it?

Can you name some famous human geographers? What is Balkanization? What is backwash effect? How is arithmetic population density calculated? What do you know about migration? What is acculturation? Do you know about dialects, diasporas and democratization? How about population pyramids, population projection and population explosions? Do you know the difference between a cultural complex, cultural hearth and cultural imperialism? If various global ethnicities, languages, politics and religions are your cup of tea, then our quizzes are for you!

A quiz on the Population component of the AP Human Geography course offered at Ponte Vedra High School. 

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  • Sample Question
    What is the key difference between arithmetic and physiological population density?

As humans, we have a great effect on the earth as we know it, and if we destroy it, we somehow destroy ourselves as life would be very hard. The quiz below is based on Rubenstein's AP Human Geography textbook, chapter 12. Did...

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    Which of the following is not a consumer service?

Chapter 7 Human Geography

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    Which of the following faiths is considered polytheistic buy some?

Chapter 8 Human Geography

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    Which term best describes Yugoslavia?

Quiz about human geography. Practice for real exam.

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    Sometimes when a person is standing in front of youand talking to you, you feel the need to back away. You step back and the other person steps forward. You keep jockeying for a comfortable distance to continuethe conversation. This illustrates:

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Human Geography Questions & Answers

What is the key difference between arithmetic and physiological population density?
The answer to this is A. It should be remembered that there are different population densities that are available. These densities are meant to be used for various purposes. Arithmetic refers to the total population that is divided by the total land
What logical conclusions can I draw from observing this billboard? I pass a billboard on the road in which a small, caucasian family is smiling and laughing, put up by the government.
Correct answer is option A. The logical conclusion that can be drawn from observing a billboard which shows a small, caucasian family smiling and laughing out up by the Government shows that the country is practicing restricting population policies.
How governments affect population change?
Make sure you mention: -Expansive population policies (Communist China, Soviet Union, etc.) -Eugenic population policies (Nazi Germany, Minority sterilization in USA, etc.) -Restrictive population policies (China, India, etc.) -Unintended consequ