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Trivia quizzes rock! Wait, I left something out—trivia quizzes about rocks. If you’re a geology nut, you’ll get a kick out of our geology trivia quizzes. They’re among the best around. From the Precambrian to the Paleozoic, we’ve got everything covered with our trivia quizzes.We’re proud to offer fine quizzes on a variety of subjects and topics, including geology. Ace our trivia, and you’ll sure to be a rock star, be it igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.

If you know what causes the mountain ranges to rise and valleys to form, you’re ready to take our quiz. Can you name all the different types of rock, or know where the San Andreus Fault lies? If so, you’ll do well with our trivia quizzes. Challenge yourself and your friends today.

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  • The ___________ forms the relatively cool, brittle plates of plate tectonics.

  • A ______ is a well-tested and widely accepted view that best explains certain scientific observations.

  • __________ rocks form by crystallization and consolidation of molten magma.

  • What is the center most layer of the Earth?
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  • The layer of the Earth that is both liquid and solid is the
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  • The solid least dense layer of the Earth is the
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  • What is the basic cause of extinction of species over time?
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  • According the paleontologists, which era of time is the oldest?
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  • The appearance of the most complex and the greatest diversity of organisms occured during______
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  • What are the layers of the earth in order from the inside tothe outside?

  • Which is a characteristic of a rock?

  • Which of the following is not a property of minerals?