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Nature lovers know this. It’s not just about the birds and the bees. A community of both living and nonliving organisms interacting as a system is called an ecosystem. Can you give an example of an ecosystem? What are the roles being performed in an ecosystem? What processes are involved? How is energy utilized and transformed? What are the major and minor factors that affect an ecosystem? These are just some of the questions we have about the relationships we naturally find in our surroundings. This will be just like a quiz bee. Can you feel the buzz?

Find the environmentalist in you. Try your luck and you have nothing but knowledge to gain. Take the challenge and prove why you are at the top of the food chain.
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An ecosystem is made up of animals, plants, and bacteria as well as the physical and chemical environment they live in. The important thing about ecosystems is that the organisms within them exchange energy and nutrients among...

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  • Sample Question
    What do the arrows represent?

An eco-system is the living organisms, their environment, and their interrelations with the nonliving components in their environment. Different ecosystems help some living this prospers where others cannot. Understanding our...

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    Temperature, light, air, water, soil, and climate are all __________ parts of the environment.

Welcome to the Energy Flow through Ecosystems quiz.  Please read each question carefully and choose an answer choice that best answers the question.  Good luck!

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    An energy pyramid is used to show _________.   

This is a quick quiz about interactions in ecosystems. You will need to choose the BEST answer for the questions.  You may not use your textbook.

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  • Sample Question
    What is an ecosystem?

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    Pampas are the temperate grasslands of 

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Ecosystem Questions & Answers

Which level of this food pyramid represents the largest amount of organisms?
The answer to this question is 4. The level of this food pyramid that represents the largest amount of organisms would have to be the producers. Although this question may have tricked you, it is the producers who always have the highest number of or
What is it called when populations share their environment and interact with populations of other species?
Out of all of the answers given, "Community" fits the definition best and is most similar to the definition of a population. A biome is a naturally occuring community of flora and fauna in a habitat, such as a forest or jungle. An ecoprovi
What is the space where an organism lives and the role an organism plays within its ecosystem referred as?
The answer to this is letter D. Niche refers to the type of roles that the various organisms play in order to keep the ecosystem in good, working order. If in case you do not understand this well yet, think about what you do in school. Do you play in
How many primary consumers are there in the following food web?
There are 8 ecosystems in that web some can eat each other and some can not
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