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    Magnetic fields are made by...?

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 343   |  Last updated: Jan 24, 2013
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    Which of the following statements correctly describes the behavior of magnets?

Earth's magnetic field is the magnetic field that extends from the Earth's interior to where it meets the solar wind, a stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun. Its magnitude at the Earth's surface ranges from 25 to 65...

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 141   |  Last updated: May 11, 2016
  • Sample Question
    What are the two poles located at?

The earth's magnetic field refers to the force that extends from the internal part of the earth into the outer space. The strength of the geomagnetic field is as a result of the intense electric current from the earth's...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 100   |  Last updated: May 8, 2019
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    What is the process by which escapes convection currents from the earth's core called? 

A magnetic field is the magnetic influence of electric currents and magnetic materials

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    An electron moves in the plane of this paper toward the top of the page. A magnetic field is also in the plane of the page and directed toward the right. The direction of the magnetic force on the electron is 

Magnetic Field Questions & Answers

Which of the following statements about magnetic fields, B, is not true?
C is the answer to this question. There are a lot of people who are interested in magnetic fields. If you would like to test magnetic fields, you can do this with the help of permanent magnets. It has always been said that the earth has one big magne
There are ________ poles
STUPID QUIZI wrote "two" , but this stupid quiz told me incorrect because it had to be "2"! You have to either identify what is supposed to be written (words/ numbers) or stop making stupid quizzes!​Other than that, the quiz was
Which of the following statements about magnetic field lines is nottrue?
Magnetic field lines form open or closed loops.