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Uranus, the god of the sky! How much do you know about the third-largest planet in our solar system? Did you know it has its own rings, or that it rotates on its side? If you did, then you should have no trouble taking these quizzes on Uranus. If you didn't, then you'll learn a lot by jumping right in to these quizzes on this icy planet! What is it made of? How and when was it discovered? When is it the 7th planet, and when is it the 8th? What is its color? What is the distance between Earth and Uranus?

You'll be surprised when you travel through space to discover your marks! You'll need to use the voyager-1 to send your answers back, because these quizzes are so far traversing out in the space, that's what it's going to take!
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SPASH Astronomy students should take this quiz on Uranus and Neptune on Friday, December 10, 2010.

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    Ancient astronomers knew about Uranus and Neptune because they orbit through constellations.

This quiz is testing basic knowledge on the planets Uranus and Neptune.

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    Uranus is striking in its:


Uranus Questions & Answers

What role does Uranus play in Indian astrology?
Uranus is also known as Prapajati or Harshal in Indian astrology but it does not have any meaning to Indian astrology yet probably because it was not immediately discovered. It was only in the late 1700s when this planet was discovered by William Her
Who discovered planet Uranus?
The discovery of Uranus is being credited to William Herschel.The planet was discovered back in 1781. Uranus was seen because Herschel was looking at the sky at that time. His intention was to check out the different stars when he saw something diffe
Why are Uranus's poles tilted sideways?
Yes, unlike all the other planets in the solar system, Uranus is tilted on its side. This spins on its side which means that the poles of the planet are usually facing the sun. This can make the various seasons that the planet may experience to be lo
What ways uranus is different from other planets?
There are many ways that Uranus is different from other planets. First of all, it has a very prominent tilt. There is no other planet in the solar system that has the type of tilt that Uranus has. Second, it also rotates counterclockwise. This is dif
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