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Biology is the study of life and all things living, while chemistry is the study of how chemicals are structure and how they interact. But where does one discipline end, and the other begin? Biochemistry describes the border between biology and chemistry – the structures and reactions of the very special group of chemicals called biomolecules that allow life on earth to exist.

Do you know a carbohydrate from a cytosine, and can you tell an amino acid from a fatty acid? If you’ve fallen asleep in class a few too many times to remember what all of those things are, you may have a tryptophan or melatonin problem …and you may want to use our biochemistry quiz to bone up on your biomolecule background.

Living organisms have a lot of chemicals and elements within them, and studying biochemistry is one way of opening ourselves to this. If you have just begun studying biochemistry, the informative quiz below on basic biochemistry...

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    Which one is odd here?

A quiz for the Biochemistry Unit of SBI4U Biology.

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    Which of these elements is NOT a constituent of Carbohydrates?

Covers the chemistry of life; water & properties, macromolecules, DNA structure & replication,transcription and translation, enzymes, cell respiration and photosynthesis

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    Nucleotides consist of which three structures?

The questions are from the BREX PHARMACY REVIEW. This is made to test if you acquire knowledge during the the review proper.

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    Which of the following is not an acyclic volatile oils?

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    Which of the following contains exposed collagen to which platelets bind during vascular injury?

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Biochemistry Questions & Answers

What is the site of pathology for the following patient? A 32-year-old develops polyuria. Her nephrologist monitors her closely on a water deprivation test, and she continues to have...
1. adenohypophysis-the correct answer is a. the adenohypophysis is not related to the pathology of diabetes insipidus.answer b is incorrect. d1 receptors are not involved in nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.answer c is incorrect. this is nephrogenic, n
What is the likely crystal seen above? The pH of the urine specimen was 8.0.
C is the answer to this. The urine sample is showing signs of triple phosphate. There are different reasons why this may appear in the urine. This may happen when a person has ingested certain types of food. There are also instances when this will sh
What is the concentration of protein in your milk sample if your unknown milk sample has an absorbance of 0.73 at 595nm? You measure the absorbance values of five standard solutions of protein and...
The answer to this is 5.93mM. It can sometimes be challenging to compute for this when you do not know the proper method to use. This is always the first step. Select the best method that you think will be most effective in computing for the protein.
What is an element found in nucleic acids but not in lipids?
1. PhosphorusLipids have C, H, and O. nucleic acids have C, H, O, N, and P.