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Nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients critical for the survival of all living organisms. Although nitrogen is very abundant in the atmosphere. Take this short quiz to find out how much do you know about it.

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    Nitrogen that is used by plants is in the form of...

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    What is the most common way that nitrogen fixation occurs?

Are you a curious human interested in the biogeochemical and nitrogen cycle or general knowledge about this? The quiz will assist you in identifying the facts and answering questions about it.

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    Approximately ___ % of the worlds atmosphere is comprised of Nitrogen.

Occupying the largest proportion in the atmosphere, Nitrogen is exchanged by living organisms as it forms the largest part of air taken in. Organic Nitrogen Cycle circulates among living organisms, humus and intermediate...

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    The movement of nitrogen between the environment and living things is called the

The Nitrogen cycle for kids is set and designed to test and advance the basic knowledge on the Nitrogen part of the air. Beginners are advised to take it up and understand the simple facts and concepts about Nitrogen.

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    What happens to Nitrogen after a cow excretes it?


Nitrogen Cycle Questions & Answers

What will happen if there is no nitrogen in air?
Oh! This is an excellent question. Well, the answer that follows is technically just speculation. To truly know what’ll happen in the absence of nitrogen is impossible. You do mention that only nitrogen from the air has disappeared. So we will
Why is nitrogen used in food packaging?
A standard industry practice in food packaging is to use nitrogen in order to help maintain a product’s shelf life. If normal air were used, the oxygen in the normal air would damage food and accelerate spoilage. This happens because oxygen can
What is the importance of biological nitrogen fixation?
Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is a very important and complex biochemical process. All living organisms need nitrogen. Plants especially need nitrogen to grow and they cannot utilize the nitrogen found in the atmosphere (N2) so they must get it
Why is nitrogen cycle important for living beings?
The earth’s atmosphere is made up of approximately 78% nitrogen gas, making it the most plentiful element in the atmosphere. It stands to reason therefore that it must be critically important to life on earth. Nitrogen is found in DNA, amino ac
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