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  • Which two types of medically important bacteria are acid fast?

  • Biofilm can take as little as 12 minutes to form.

  • Viruses are 100-1000 times smaller than bacteria.

  • how does the bacteria spreed sickness in the body?
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  • is the bacteria always bad?
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  • who is smaller
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  • What does the term “antibiotics” mean: 

  • General principles of anti-infective therapy are: 

  • Bactericidal effect is: 

  • It is best to listen intently, take notes vigorously and show interest by your facial expression.Which of the following words is an antonym for vigorously as used in the sentence above? 
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  • The Academy Awards or Oscar, is a ceremony that honors achievements in American film. The Oscars offer awards in such categories as Best Actor, Best Picture, And Best Director. Earning an Oscar is considered by many to be the highest accomplishment possible in making motion picture. Many think that the Academy Awards selection process is biased and outdated and needs to expand its focus to a more diverse array of films. The ceremony itself is rich in tradition and known for its extravagance. The Academy Awards mark a night of celebration in the film industry, and its broadcast is enjoyed by families around the world who love the magic of movies. 
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  • Which of the following words is spelled correctly? 
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