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Bacteria Questions & Answers

What is the difference between mild, moderate and severe pneumonia?
Pneumonia simply means a chronic or acute inflammation of the lungs caused by a virus, bacteria, and other types of micro-organisms. Pneumonia is in three stages, mild, moderate, and severe pneumonia. Mild pneumonia occurs at the early stage of the c
What is the outermost layer of bacterial cell called?
I think it will be glycocalyx. Because if glycocalyx is rigidly packed with bacteria it is called capsule, if loosely attached it is called slime layer.
What treatments would you recommend for the symptoms of a viral flu, which are high fever, sore throat, and headache? 
SleeprestwaterSleep is a good part because your body is more alive then and water will get you hydrated and will help out with your headache
What is the outermost layer of a bacterial cell?
The outermost layer of a bacteria cell is called a capsule. The capsule majorly consists of polysaccharides, and the nature of polysaccharides are they are not easily washed away with water. Thus, bacteria has its power to cause diseases and sickness