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Quick – take your best guess of how many bacteria are living in your gut right now. Did you say a thousand? A million? Or more? If you guessed a hundred trillion or so, you’re right on! If you never realized how much space you’re sharing with these creepy creatures, you should take our bacteria quiz and learn more.

Bacteria can cause thousands of diseases from gingivitis to gangrene; they live in environments anywhere from the bottom of the ocean to Antarctic ice sheets; and some of them even help keep you healthy instead of making you sick! Before you reach for the antibacterial hand sanitizer, find out more about the mysterious microscopic world right under your nose – and inside of it!

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  • Bacteria can be which of the following shapes?

  • A bacteria named Staphylobaccilus would be: (hint, what does staph mean and what does baccilus mean?

  • Gram Positive bacteria will stain:

  • Bacillus anthracis is a 
    Bacteria question from

  • Which is not a shape of bacteria
    Bacteria question from

  • Conjugation is a form of
    Bacteria question from

  • Check all that apply to the Bacteria Kingdom. (3 answers)

  • Check all that apply to the Protist Kingdom. (5 answers)

  • Check all that apply to the Fungi Kingdom. (6 answers)

  • The proper treatment for Legionella Pneumophila is:

  • Bordetella Pertussis colonizes:

  • A Commensural pathogen (such as E. Coli) means: