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  • Drug solubility to cross membranes: when the drug is in stomach acid, it will pass through the stomach walls best if it is an acidic drug, neutral drug, or alkaline drug? 

  • Most drugs cross cell membranes by which means of transport:

  • The definition of absorption tells us that the drug is absorbed when it reaches:

  • What is it when free drugs enter the kidney in Bowmans space?

  • What requires active transport systems with low specificity?

  • What is it when lipid-soluble, uncharged drug diffuse back into systemic circulation?

  • Which of the following are parenteral methods of  administration (the others being enteral)?
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  • Which of the following can be absorbed dermally?
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  • The partition coefficient logP=____
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  • Removal of part of the intestine
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  • Does removal of part of the intestine increase or decrease absorption?
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  • Kidney failure
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