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Creighton University Nursing Pharmacotherapy exam 1 learning quiz.  This quiz might NOT simulate any case/scenario exam questions.  Rather, it is only meant to reinforce the basics and the details that exam...

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    Drug solubility to cross membranes: when the drug is in stomach acid, it will pass through the stomach walls best if it is an acidic drug, neutral drug, or alkaline drug? 

Pharmacokinetics Introduction quiz.

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    What is it when free drugs enter the kidney in Bowman's space?

Chemical Pharmacology Lecture 4

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    Which of the following are parenteral methods of  administration (the others being enteral)?

Quiz about the factors affecting pharmacokinetics

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  • Sample Question
    Removal of part of the intestine

Questions: 16  |  Attempts: 43   |  Last updated: Mar 9, 2013
  • Sample Question
    Which does the term pharmacokinetics not include? (what the body does to the drug or how the drug gets in, around and out of the body)

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Pharmacokinetics Questions & Answers

What 4 processes of pharmacokinetics determines magnitude & duration of drug effects?
Absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination/excretion
What type of drug will pass through stomach walls in the most effective way?  
1. AcidicIn the acidic environment of the stomach, an acidic drug becomes uncharged and lipid-soluble, thereby able to cross the stomach walls whose cell membranes are phospholipid.
What does renal disease cause?
Decrease in clearance of drugs eliminated by the kidney