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They’re underneath you even at this very moment. There are a couple of them around the world and when they move they rock the entire place. We’re talking about the plate tectonics, of course. We’re going to test your knowledge about the plate tectonics with our following quizzes and we want you to give as many correct answers as possible.

Check out these samples first: How many major plate tectonics are there right now? The lateral relative movement of the plates typically varies from zero to how much annually? Where plates meet, their relative motion determines the type of boundary but how many types of boundaries are there? Answers all these questions correctly and find out everything there is to know about the plate tectonics.
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Tectonic Plates are responsible for shaping the earth's crust. Every continent formed rises above the sea due to plate tectonics. It causes earthquakes, volcanoes, the rise of mountains etc. The following quiz tests your...

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  • Sample Question
    The  process that continually adds new crust is:

This test covers plate tectonics: Inside the Earth, Restless Continent (Pangaea), The Theory of Plate Tectonics (Convergent, Divergent, Transform Boundaries) and Deforming the Earth's Crust.  The questions are multiple...

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  • Sample Question
    Tectonic plates consist of

This practice quiz will help you review the three different types of plate boundaries.

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  • Sample Question
    Plates that slide past each other create which type of boundary?

Choose the best answer for each question.

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  • Sample Question
    Who is known as the 'Father of Plate Tectonics'?

Plate movement and plate boundaries are assesed in this quiz!

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  • Sample Question
    When plates move apart it's called.......

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Plate Tectonics Questions & Answers

What do tectonic plates consist of?
Tectonic plates are made of both oceanic and continental crust. The plate itself is made up of rock and lies thousands of miles underneath the ground. Tectonic plates can also move and crash against each other (causing mountains to form) or pull away
What is the place where two plates collide called?
The answer to this is D. There are times when there are more than two tectonic plates that collide in this area. If these two plates are of the same density, they would push against each other. This helps form a mountain. This also explains why most
Which of the following land structures will form when two continental plates pull apart?
Rift Valley:a large elongated depression with steep walls formed by the downward displacement of a block of the earth's surface between nearly parallel faults or fault systems.Subduction Zone:theprocessbywhichcollisionoftheearth'scrustalplatesresults
How do fossils help explain continental drift?
Alfred Wegener tries to explain what fossil fuel support for,Remains of Mesosaurus, a freshwater crocodile-like reptile that lived during the early Permian (between 286 and 258 million years ago), are found solely in Southern Africa and Eastern South
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