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Diffuse the word. I mean... spread the word. Science geniuses needed to take on our diffusion quiz! Unlike me, do you enjoy chemistry or physics? Let me give your brain a stir. Are you aware that substances like atoms and molecules move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration? Yes! That’s what diffusion is all about.

Do you know diffusion is also studied in other fields like biology and sociology? It is even studied in finance and economics too!For now, let’s stick to the sciences and see if your knowledge is concentrated or diffused. Put on your lab coat and fire up the Bunsen burner. We’re going to do some mind-blowing experiments. Let’s see how you do with the quiz on diffusion.

An essential practice test quiz for all the 9th graders out there. You will be tested upon your knowledge of such a topic so it could help you analyze yourself for the amount of hard work you need to put on your studies.

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    What is diffusion?

How are molecules distributed in the environment? As explained in this animation, the random movement of molecules in a gas or a liquid will cause the molecules to become evenly distributed in the environment. If we look at the...

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    Simple diffusion is defined as the movement of

Lab 1 diffusion and osmosis pre-lab quiz for coach wimpey and coach johnson.

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    What is the purpose of IKI in the lab?

Diffusion quiz.

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    Molecules naturally move from areas of _________ concentration to areas of _________ concentration.

These questions deal with the regents lab on diffusion. REMEMBER:  PERIOD # followed by FIRST & LAST NAME you must score at least a 70

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    Base your answer on the information and diagram below and on your knowledge of biology. Starch turns blue black in the presence of a starch indicator. Dialysis tubing tied at both ends and containing starch solution is placed in a beaker of water. Yellowish brown starch indicator is then added to the water. What will the solutions in the beaker and the tubing look like after 20 minutes?

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Diffusion Questions & Answers

Which of these molecules can not pass through a membrane to enter a cell?
1. StarchAs we observed in the Diffusion Through a Membrane lab, starch cannot pass through a semi-permeable membrane. We know this because the solution surrounding the cell we constructed remained amber, instead of turning purple. Starch is too larg
What happens to the movement of molecules in the process of "Diffusion"?
Diffusion is the movement of molecules from a region of high molecular concentration to a region of low molecular concentration until they are evenly distributed
What would you consider a solution with 1.5% saline in it ?
1. HypertonicOur blood has a concentration of 0.9% saline. Any substance with a higher salt concentration is considered hypertonic, while any solution with a lower salt concentration is hypotonic. Solutions with equal concentration are called isotoni
When is equilibrium reached after sugar is mixed with water?
The equilibrium is reached is number 3. The dissolved sugar molecules are evenly distributed throughout the solution. Some may think that the salt solution and sugar solution is the same but there are some differences between the two. For example, i