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  • Which part of the plant allows it to reproduce?
    Which part of the plant allows it to reproduce?
    How can seeds allow plant to reproduce? I thought reproduction is done by the flower. We have the Male and Female parts of flower. Stamen and Carpel. The pollen travels down through the ovule and goes into the ovary, then the seed starts developing. The answer should be flower not seed.ThanksUchenna Iheagwu from Nigeria

  • What type of study Zoology is?
    What type of study Zoology is?
    Their are three different domains though, eukaryota, archaea, and bacteria. You need to know all the domains if you want to pass a zoology class. Archaea, and eukaryota are what you will be focusing on the most.

  • Which phylum is characterized by choanocytes that create a current to pull in food?
    Which phylum is characterized by choanocytes that create a current to pull in food?
    Phylum Porifera has a specialized cell for pulling food called Choanocyte cell

  • What are ruminant animals?
    What are ruminant animals?
    The term ruminant refers to chewing grass or cud. When an animal chews cud, that means that the animal chews and then swallows the grass. Then the animal chews that again and swallows it again. There are many animals who eat grass and then do this process of re-eating the swallowed grass again. Some of these ruminant animals include cows, goats, sheep, deer, gazelles, giraffes and antelopes. The reason that they can eat, swallow and eat the same grass again is due to their stomachs. Cows are known to have four different stomachs. They can chew the grass again due to their digestion system. As a matter of fact, “ruminant” is Latin and it means “to chew over again.” Ruminant animals can both be wild or tame.

  • Why do owls sleep during the day?
    Why do owls sleep during the day?
    Owls are one type of animal that is considered to be nocturnal. This means that they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. One of the main reasons why certain animals like the owls are nocturnal and that is because of their specialized senses. Owls have eyesight that is modified to nighttime. It seems that the bright sun during the day hurts their eyes. Therefore, they have become accustomed to sleeping during the day when it is too bright and being active at night. That is why you may hear owls at night and do not see them during the day time. Other nocturnal animals include bats and tarsiers. They have the same issue that owls have and that is why they are nocturnal too.

  • Who is the father of Zoology?
    Who is the father of Zoology?
    Zoology is known as the study of animals. It pertains to the branch of science known as biology. Even during ancient times, there were people who were interested in forms of zoology. Aristotle who was mainly known for his work in philosophy is actually also known as the father of zoology. The reason for this title to be given to Aristotle is because of his interest in animals and this was during a time when no one else was interested. Therefore, he was given the title of father of zoology. Aristotle was a Greek man who took an interest in many different things. Also, it is known that whatever he became interested in he would devote all of his time to it.

  • Why are donkeys considered as dumb animals?
    Why are donkeys considered as dumb animals?
    There are many animals that are perceived in one way but are actually quite different. This may be because of the way that the animal looked or that a movie was made about that specific animal and the characteristic became associated with that animal. Donkeys are one example of this. They appear dumb, but they are actually very smart animals. Also, another name for a donkey is an ass. When people hear this, they think bad thoughts about donkeys. Once the idea stuck that donkeys were dumb, then everyone kept thinking that donkeys are dumb even though they aren’t. This way of thinking just continues on and on. It is also difficult to prove that donkeys aren’t dumb, so everyone continues to think that they are.

  • What is the future scope in Zoology?
    What is the future scope in Zoology?
    Zoology is a branch of science that deals with evolution, habits, classifications, and so much more. Some people may think that everything that Zoology teaches are enough to cover all aspects. The truth is that there are more species that are bound to be discovered. There are also subjects that fall under Zoology that will be tackled in the future. For people who love everything related to Science, taking up Zoology can be heaven because of the number of new prospects that can be discussed in the future. Take note that the Zoology that are studied by undergrads is different from the Zoology lessons that those who are hoping to get a PhD will discuss.

  • Why do Peacocks dance before rain?
    Why do Peacocks dance before rain?
    There are some people who think that peacocks open up their feathers whenever they want to but actually, they do feel the sense to mate with peahens whenever it is about to rain. They would open up their tail of attractive and wonderful feathers in order to attract people. Take note that peacocks are usually vulnerable when they dance. They can become the food of other predators but it is a risk that they take in order to attract peahens to them and they can mate before the rain actually starts. When peahens are interested, they will join the peacocks in dancing. It can be a beautiful scene that may be witnessed from time to time.

  • Why can't hens fly even though they have wings?
    Why can't hens fly even though they have wings?
    It is a known fact that chickens cannot fly as high as other birds. Some people assume that they cannot fly at all but this is not true. Chickens cannot fly like other birds because of how human beings breed them to be. They are meatier than other birds because they are meant to be slaughtered and consumed by people. If they would not have enough meat, then people will not be able to eat anything from the various chicken pieces that they will get. Chicken have wings because they can fly though not as high as how their ancestors probably did. Wings may not be too useful to them as compared to the wings of other birds but the wings can still help them escape from predators.

  • Which of these mammals lay eggs?
    Which of these mammals lay eggs?
    A snail and a slug are not mammals and do not lay eggs. A snail is a mollusc. A mammal is warm-blooded, has hair at at least one point in their lives, can produce milk (female). A monkey is a mammal that produces young in the same way as humans. A platypus is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal from Australia and somewhat unique in various ways.

  • Are spiders really harmful for us?
    Are spiders really harmful for us?
    Most spiders are not harmful to human beings. These include granddaddy long legs and regular spiders that you may see running around outside and possibly inside your house. However, there are two main spiders that could kill people with one little sting. These include the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. The black widow spider has a red dot on its body and is black all over. The brown recluse may be more difficult to recognize and it is probably more dangerous than the black widow. This is because the brown recluse hides in dark places. It is common for a brown recluse to hide in someone’s shoes. Then when the person puts on the shoes, the spider bites the person.

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