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Zoology Questions & Answers

What type of study Zoology is?
Their are three different domains though, eukaryota, archaea, and bacteria. You need to know all the domains if you want to pass a zoology class. Archaea, and eukaryota are what you will be focusing on the most.
Which phylum is characterized by choanocytes that create a current to pull in food?
Phylum Porifera has a specialized cell for pulling food called Choanocyte cell
What are ruminant animals?
The term ruminant refers to chewing grass or cud. When an animal chews cud, that means that the animal chews and then swallows the grass. Then the animal chews that again and swallows it again. There are many animals who eat grass and then do this pr
Why do owls sleep during the day?
Owls are one type of animal that is considered to be nocturnal. This means that they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. One of the main reasons why certain animals like the owls are nocturnal and that is because of their specialized senses