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What does the fox say? We don’t know exactly, but we do know its favorite meals and habitat characteristics. And you should also, because Zoology quiz starts right now and will put your hard earned knowledge of animals to the test.

What did Alexander von Humboldt investigate? What are the main levels into which animal species are broken down? What does molecular biology study? What is the scientific name for the human species? What does the Tree of Life refer to? When did Charles Darwin publish his famous theory of evolution? If you find these questions challenging you may need to sit back, relax and gather your thoughts, because there are lots more coming your way. Become one with the animal kingdom and deliver some roaring answers!
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Plants are a very important part of life on earth, they help increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and reduce carbon dioxide levels. This quiz is designed to assess third-grade students on their knowledge of plant...

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    Seeds are made by

You think you know enough basics on Zoology? How about we find out? Some  things seem so simple and easy, until we realise how hard they are. This zoology test trivia will tell us how much basic knowledge you have on zoology.

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    What is the process of naming organisms?

Quiz on invertebrate phylogeny for ocean science bowl

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    Which phylum is characterized by choanocytes that create a current to pull in food?

This is a quiz by which you can learn your knowledge on Zoology... good luck

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    How many subkingdoms does Animal Kingdom contain?

I don't know about you but I'm curious about what interests people in Zoology. I think all they do is look at animals and know the classification, type, model, etcetera.

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    Which one represents Zoo in the following?

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Zoology Questions & Answers

Which is the smallest animal in the world?
There are a lot of animals in the world. Some of them have a miniature version of them. For example, there are poodles, but there are miniature poodles too. Animals can be huge or they can be tiny. There are insects that are tiny and they would be co
Is there any animal which produces pink milk?
Milk comes from cows and actually several other animals as well. However, the milk that people buy from the grocery store comes from cows most likely, but there is also goat’s milk. Many mammals produce milk. The milk is usually white, but ther
What are ruminant animals?
The term ruminant refers to chewing grass or cud. When an animal chews cud, that means that the animal chews and then swallows the grass. Then the animal chews that again and swallows it again. There are many animals who eat grass and then do this pr
Why do owls sleep during the day?
Owls are one type of animal that is considered to be nocturnal. This means that they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. One of the main reasons why certain animals like the owls are nocturnal and that is because of their specialized senses
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