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Is it dark, is it quiet? Go outside, have a look at the night sky! What do you see? You see a large band of brilliantly glittering jewels streaming across the sky! The spiral arm of the milky-way galaxy is truly one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. But how much do you know about it? Can you tell us how many arms the milky-way has?

What other galaxies are out there? Which galaxy has the biggest known star? What's at the center of a galaxy? Are we at the center of our galaxy? It's time to go where no man has gone travel through space and time to the place where light began and time stands still. It's time to travel at light-speed through these quizzes!

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  • Sample Question
    There are about how many stars in a galaxy?

A trivia quiz on planets, stars, and galaxies is exactly what you need if you are a lover for astronomy. The quiz is designed to help you out when it comes some of the basics when it comes to our universe and others like it. Take...

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  • Sample Question
    If a start is more massive, it is likely to have____.

The galaxy of which the earth is part of is known as the Milky Way and is one of many in the universe, and our galaxy is actually made of over 200 billion stars. The quiz below is the ultimate galaxy quiz and is designed to teach...

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  • Sample Question
    What type of Galaxy is this? 

An ultimate hitchhikers quiz! are you ready to take to the ultimate pass/fail test?

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  • Sample Question
    Zaphod Beeblebrox is supprised to find Ford Prefect upon his spaceship, for what reason?

Quiz for week 2 of unit 1  "Galaxies"

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  • Sample Question
    What type of Galaxy is this? 

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Galaxy Questions & Answers

What is the correct order of the objects from smallest to largest?
C is the right answer to this question. The smallest has to be the solar system because you should remember that there may be different solar systems that can be found in the universe right now. The solar system where we are living right now is just
What is at the center of our solar system?
At the center of our solar system is a red giant star. Though to originally be the center of our universe by many in the early 1600’s. This star is the foundation for our life and why we are hear today on earth. Earth sits at the perfect distan
What galaxy do we live in?
We live in the MILKY WAY Galaxy- and not the Milk Way galaxy.. :)