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There are millions and millions of them spread across the galaxy and you can become one yourself if you manage to get most of the answers to these questions right. What is the closest star to the Earth? What is the name of the second closest star to Earth?

Traveling at the average speed of the space shuttle, about how long would it take to get to the second closest star? What remains after the supernova in the case of larger stars? All of these and much more are waiting for you in our stars trivia. It will take you on a trip around the Universe, to some of the most faraway places once could ever imagine, light years away from here.

Do you match your star sign? the Pisces version

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    Which star sign is your favourite

Stars are seen as the building blocks of the galaxy as we know it. To the human eye, they appear tiny but are very large for example the sun is a star. How conversant are you with the stars? The quiz below is designed to help...

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    Our sun is 

This quiz evaluates each student's level of comprehension following a lesson on stars and galaxies.

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    This is a ___________.

Do you know the project stars and constellations? Check your knowledge! Good luck :)

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                                          Is the sun the     largest   star?                      

Castor is the second brightest star in the night sky. It is believed to be significantly fainter than Beta Geminorum its twin and constitute the constellation gemini together with Pollux.

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    The castor star is also known as 

Stars Questions & Answers

What are the stages in the life cycle of a star?
This is going to be a long answer. So, it’s better to grab some popcorn and let us deal with this question. There are two possible life cycles of a star. The cycle is different for small stars and big stars. What life cycle will a star follow i
What are binary stars?
As the name suggests these are two stars orbiting around a common center of mass. Binary star is the most common type of multiple star system. More than four-fifth of the light that we see are part of the multiple star system. One could be brighter t
How many stars are in our galaxy?
Hello : My name is Vishnu and I am doing 5th Grade. How can the answer be 9 ? . In our galaxy, would we not have millions of stars ?Pl clarify.Thank youVishnu