Black Hole Quizzes & Trivia

You may have heard your peer's heads (or even your own) described in this fashion...a black hole! Everything goes in, nothing comes out, right? But what is a black hole? Where are they found? In space, right? But why can't we see them? How are they made? Are you an astrophysicist? Are you a star-gazer? Or are you just interested in the questions related to universe?

Can you answer questions about super-massive black holes? No, not the song by the band Muse, I'm talking about the centers of galaxies...why do they exist? Why don't they absorb the entire galaxy? Go through our entire collection of quizzes on black holes. Our quizzes are information bins and you will have fun as well while attempting these quizzes! 

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    Slide 1: Is a black hole really a hole?

According to space scientists, the black hole is a region in the space that is characterized by a very strong gravitational acceleration. The magnitude of the pull is strong that the minutest particle can not deny it. The black...

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    Which of these is not related to the science of black hole?

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    Is a Black Hole Really a Hole?Check the characteristics of a black hole.

Black hole is the spot in the outer space that is characterised by a very strong gravitational acceleration. The gravitational acceleration is so strong that even the minutes particle can not escape from this region. Among other...

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    What is the boundary of the region from which no escape is possible called? 

Have you ever asked,  “What happens if the density of matter in a region becomes so high that not even light can escape?”, Einstein once asked though. Black hole is exactly described by that question....

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    How many layers can be found in a black hole?

Black Hole Questions & Answers

Why cant we see black holes?
I put it would be too dark to see without a special tool, this is because light cannot escape from the event horizon, leaving it completely dark. I believe that there can be multiple answers to this question.
What Do You Know About Black Holes?
A rotating black hole may lie at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Gravity bends light. Light cannot escape from a black hole. The gravity of a black hole is felt everywhere. The gravity that your body creates is felt everywhere.
Why are black holes special?
Because they pull in everything around it
In which year pluto went to black hole?
Pluto never went to the Black hole. Instead, it was named as the 'dwarf planet' as it doesn't meet the guideline for it to be called a planet, there are many other Pluto-sized objects.