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Blood Cells Questions & Answers

What type of leukocyte is pictured above?
EosinophilThe white blood cell pictured is an EOSINOPHIL. The granules are plentiful and stain red(erubescent). The nucleus stains blue.Memorization aid: ERUBESCENT EOSINOPHIL
What is the most likely translocation associated with the tumor shown below?
This is the epidemic version of Burkitt's lymphoma, due to a C-Myc translocation t(8;14). The tumor shown is a mandibular mass.
What is the stain of choice for a Differential WBC count?
There are different standards in different labs. We do Giemsa.
What are the PURPLE specs in this picture?
I said thrombocyte...the genius who wrote this said I was wrong. Platelets ARE thrombocytes. Update your skill set, jackass.