Blood Cells Quizzes & Trivia

Blood cells, or hematocytes, are normally found in blood and they make up over 45% of the total blood tissue by volume. They have loads of important functions for the human body, and it’s time to see if you know enough about them to complete our newest quizzes.

Let’s see if you can tackle some sample questions first. What are three general categories of blood cells found in mammals? What do red blood cells primarily carry? For how long do white blood cells usually live? Jan Swammerdam, a dutch naturalist, is credited with observing what? How many types of white blood cells are there? The questions aren’t over yet, so grab a comfortable chair and head over to the rest of the quizzes!

Practice identifying different types of blood cells and blood material in microscope pictures.

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Quiz on the Differential WBC count.

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  • Sample Question
    When performing a differential cell count, how many leukocytes are counted?

The main cells in the human body are the red and white blood cells. The red blood cells are charged with carrying oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues and carbon dioxide as a waste product from the tissues to the lungs....

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  • Sample Question
    What are the three formed elements of blood?

Find out how well do you know about the circulatory system of blood cells and how it helps you too. Let's check it now by taking this quiz!

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  • Sample Question
    Many gland cells release their secretions by means of ___.

Human Biology AS Quiz on different types of blood cell

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  • Sample Question
    Red blood cells are also called ________ .

Blood Cells Questions & Answers

What type of leukocyte is pictured above?
EosinophilThe white blood cell pictured is an EOSINOPHIL. The granules are plentiful and stain red(erubescent). The nucleus stains blue.Memorization aid: ERUBESCENT EOSINOPHIL
What is the most likely translocation associated with the tumor shown below?
This is the epidemic version of Burkitt's lymphoma, due to a C-Myc translocation t(8;14). The tumor shown is a mandibular mass.
What is the stain of choice for a Differential WBC count?
There are different standards in different labs. We do Giemsa.
What are the PURPLE specs in this picture?
I said thrombocyte...the genius who wrote this said I was wrong. Platelets ARE thrombocytes. Update your skill set, jackass.