Blood Type Quizzes & Trivia

There may be some tests online that will supposedly give you some information about your blood type. There is nothing wrong with trying out this test for free, but you also have to remember that the best way that you can get to know your blood type is by getting yourself tested in a clinic or a hospital.

Some doctors would need to provide you with a schedule for blood testing while there are also others that will allow you to get tested whenever you please. Take note that people’s blood type can be different depending on the inherited substances that are present in the blood cells. Take note that blood type is inherited. It is not possible to have a different blood type from your other family members.

Have you ever been for a blood test, donated blood, or been in any other scenario which involved the knowledge of your particular blood type? If not, there’s a good chance you have no idea what type you even fit into! The...

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    How do you react whenever you get in trouble for something?

Knowing your blood type is very important when it comes to your health. This can help you save someone’s life or yours incase blood or organ transfusion is needed. Do you have a clue what your blood type is? Take up the...

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    Do you love to have fun?

Blood typing is a very important activity, which makes it possible for people to donate and receive blood when the need arises. There are different blood groups, and there are rules about which blood type can give to another and...

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    What are the four different blood types?

There are a whole lot of different blood types out there that people have, some of which are rare and hard to find. The quiz will find out what blood type you are.

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    On a scale of one to Justin Bieber, how dumb are you?

Knowing your blood type is important, especially if you have frequent blood transfusions or want to be pregnant. The ABO blood system labels, blood types with the letters A, B, AB, and O. Your blood also has a Rhesus or Rh...

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    How do you feel about magicians for birthday parties?

Blood Type Questions & Answers

People from blood group AB can donate blood to who?
The answers to this question are wrong. AB blood type can only donate to AB do to the facts that both A and B have antigens around they surface that will cause other blood type to form antigens that will attacks that type blood. However, AB blood typ
Who can people from blood group AB donate blood?
This answer is not correct; the AB blood type has antigens of both A and B, but no anti serum (I.e. no reaction to A or B) making it the Universal recieptant but not donor. AB can only donate to other AB recieptants
Person from blood group A can donate blood to which group?
A person from blood group A can only donate blood to a persons of blood group A and AB. This so because blood group B and O have antibodies against A antigen (anti-A) and if they are transfused with A blood group would react destroying the transfused