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Coagulation is the capability of a liquid to either change into solid or semi-solid form. In biology class, we got to discuss how the blood coagulates and reduces excessive bleeding from an injury. This process is made possible...

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    What is the normal value range for an aPTT/PTT?


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MLT study questions

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    All of the following conditions cause an increased (prolonged) thrombin time except

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    During the irreversible phase of coagulation, the release of platelet granules is activated by:

Choose the right answer. Multiple choice.

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    What is the proper order of draw? Note: All tubes are plastic with clot activator.

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Coagulation Questions & Answers

What does Fibrinogen, acted on by thrombin form?
But activation of fibrin allows for a polymerised mesh of fibrin and polypeptides occur ith stabilisng factor XIII. So I think that answer is wrong
How is the extrinsic pathway triggered by?
Why is the answer a and b and not c
Which chemical enhances vascular spasms?
To answer this question, there is a need to understand what vascular spasms are. The vascular spasm is known to be the tightening of the blood vessel. This may happen in a very brief period. This can cause the blood flow to be restricted for a certai