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Body mechanics involves coordinated effort of muscles, bones and the nervous systems to maintain balance and alignment during movement. It involves using of one’s body strength to avoid injuries for example when lifting...

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    The principles of body mechanics can be defined as:

A lot of body parts take part for a person to move from one point to another. If the body parts do not move it signals a chance that the person has some health problems. This test is designed to help you revise the 1st...

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    Body Mechanics is a term to describe the ways we move as we go about our daily lives. It includes how we hold our bodies when we sit, stand, lift, carry, bend and sleep

From Foundations of Nursing, (6th ed), by Christensen and Kockrow, pages 369-393

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    The most serious injuries occur when you.......

Complete the quiz and return to administration by September 30th

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    Ergonomics means?

Based on Fairchild's Principles and Techniques of Patient Care, 5e.

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    Which of the below is an example of good body mechanics?

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Body Mechanics Questions & Answers

When do injuries most likely occur?
When you perform tasks that require you to exert yourself forcefully When you perform repetitive movements When you maintain an awkward or static postureP. 369
What is it called when the sole of the foot turns laterally?
Please check the answer, it should be Eversion not inversion...
Which of the following ROM can be applied to all the fingers except the thumb?
Flexion and extension Hyperextension Abduction and adductionP. 25