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You have to save our souls once again from the menacing trivias. They just keep popping up one question after another and we are out of answers. Yours are the only ones that will help us now. Our dermatology trivia will make you work, with all kinds of questions related to this and its general principles.

What does a dermatopathologist usually do? What are the basic ways in which rashes manifest themselves on our bodies? What are the main characteristics of the disease called dermatitis? What does the dermatologic subspecialty of Mohs surgery focus on? Do not let these questions get under your skin. After that, who knows, by the end of this quiz you might already be proficient in dermatology.

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  • Air borne contact dermatitis can be diagnosed by:

  • A patient had seven irregular hyperpigmented macules on the trunk and multiple small hyperpigmented macules in the axillae and groins since early childhood. There were no other skin lesions. Which is the most likely investigation to support the diagnosis?

  • Pterygium of nail is characteristically seen in:

  • A 7yr. old child presenting with recurrent dry scaly macules (white, small) on face has 
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  • The test likely to help in diagnosis of a patient who presents with an itchy annular plaque on the face is: 
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  • Uses of woods light includes 
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  • A 16 year old male presents with small, umbilicated flesh-colored papules on his trunk and extremities. Upon examination, the papules appear to have a cheesy core. What is the most likely diagnosis?

  • A 45 year old female presents with several brown to black-colored papules on her neck and trunk. Upon examination, they appear stuck on  and vary in size. Since you have been following this patient for some time, you suspect seborrheic keratosis but also notice there has been a rapid increase in the size and number of SK's. What is this known as?

  • Squamous cell carcinoma is more common in patent's with what preexisting condition?