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  • How many layers are there within the Epidermis?
    How many layers are there within the Epidermis?
    There are 6.The Stratum Disjunction, Corneum, Lucidium, Granulosum, Spinosom & Germinativum... All SIX layers of the Epidermis.

  • Which one is a beauty virus?
    Which one is a beauty virus?
    Herpes simplex

  • What is the difference between Lice and Crabs?
    What is the difference between Lice and Crabs?
    Knowing the difference between lice and crabs is a bit complicated especially since crabs are a type of lice that can be seen in humans and other animals. Lice may usually be found on the scalp but crabs can also be found in other parts of the body that are hairy such as the genital area. There are a lot of people who may not even realize that they have this until they start experiencing the symptoms that are due to having this. Having sex can spread crabs but there are also instances when they may spread through bedsheets and other surfaces. Lice can spread too because they will lay their eggs on the scalp. If people would use other people’s combs, the lice will spread easier.

  • What is an Autoclave used for?
    What is an Autoclave used for?
    To sterilise metal tools

  • What is a contra-action?
    What is a contra-action?
    Something that occurs during or after a treatment

  • How can I remove dark circles very fast?
    How can I remove dark circles very fast?
    Most of the fastest remedies being talked about online are natural home remedies. There are products out there that claim they’ll remove the circles fast once you start using them, but you have to continue using them to keep them away after that. An all-natural home remedy, on the other hand, can often be used in a pinch and only used when you have to get rid of the circles. Try a few and find what works best. One of the most often tried home remedies is using a cotton ball to apply fresh lemon juice to the circles. Leave it on for ten minutes, and rinse. The cool part about this is that you can do other things while waiting out that ten minutes: brush your teeth, brush your hair, etc. It comes down to the vitamin C in the lemon juice.

  • Is it true or false? People who enter beauty pageants are awesome!
    Is it true or false? People who enter beauty pageants are awesome!
    1. True

  • How have standards of beauty changed over the years?
    How have standards of beauty changed over the years?
    According to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “change is the only constant in life.” This is true, because what was considered as beautiful today may not be considered as such in the years to come. The standards of beauty greatly changed over the years and we can cut these changes into ten eras: 1) The Renaissance Era which lasted from 1400s to 1500s view those who had wider hips and extra fat as the most beautiful. Women wore bright red lipstick but their makeup was pale, 2) The Victorian Era viewed those who have slim waists as the most beautiful. It was during this era when women loved to wear corsets that could reduce their waist down to 12 inches which sometimes can cause their ribs to break, 3) The Roaring Twenties were flapper style was considered as “in”, 4) The Golden Age was when women began to become conscious about their body in hopes of achieving the body of their favorite actresses, 5) Mid-Century which introduced the hourglass figure i.e., Marilyn Monroe, 6) The 80’s and the 90’s which both have different styles and perspective in beauty, and 7) The New Millennium wherein plastic surgery became more common and body shaming is at its best.

  • How do you make homemade soap?
    How do you make homemade soap?
    This is a little tricky, and can require specialized materials, so be prepared to invest a little more money if you want to go long term and continue making your own soaps. For beginners, it is recommended you start by melting down pre-made bars of unscented soap. These are usually made specifically so you can customize the scent. Then, you just add some essential oils once the soap has been melted down, and let them set. If you want to go a step further, you can look up more intense and more time-consuming processes to make soap at home. The most basic ingredients will be lye and some kind of fat or oil. That’s really all soap is, but with extra ingredients, you get the luxurious feels, foams, and scents of the higher end brands.

  • How can one get rid of stretch marks?
    How can one get rid of stretch marks?
    Stretch marks happen to many people during their childhood or pregnancy. Stretch marks can occur when your body is growing too fast for your skin and it causes scar-like marks on the area where the skin has been stretched beyond capacity. In order to treat these dark marks, you can often use similar treatments that fade scars. A commonly used substance is castor oil which has been shown to help with a variety of skin issues. Aloe vera is another great tool to help fade stretch marks. It has soothing and healing properties which have been shown to help skin issues like stretch marks. It may sound weird but eggs are other source for help in fading those stretch marks. Eggs are a source of protein, but you only want to use egg whites. You will also need to rinse this off after becaue it will be very tight and stiff.

  • Which one is a virus?
    Which one is a virus?
    Herpes simplex

  • Will using the me hurt?
    Will using the me hurt?
    When used as directed you will experience a gentle warming sensation.

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