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People attain to be seen as beautiful and go to extreme measures to achieve this. There are different forms of beauty services that one can choose from when they take a beauty therapy course such as a nail technician or makeup...

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    Which one is a virus?

Are YOU a beauty pageant girl? Take this quiz to find out!

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    A  cupcake is a delisious treat that pageant girls eat before a show?

You will need to pass the quiz with 100% in order to receive credit. You can take the quiz as many times as you need to pass with 100%. Once you have completed the quiz with 100%, email your certificate to [email protected]

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    Who should I contact first if I have questions about my event?

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What is your lip gloss flavor?It depends on your personality.What do yo4 likr to do.How do you spend your spare time?Take the quiz and find out.

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    You are asked to go to a party,but you have to much work to do.You.....

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Beauty Questions & Answers

How many layers are there within the Epidermis?
There are 6.The Stratum Disjunction, Corneum, Lucidium, Granulosum, Spinosom & Germinativum... All SIX layers of the Epidermis.
What is the difference between Lice and Crabs?
Lice and crabs are usually transmitted from person to person contact. Body lice live on parts of the body, excluding pubic hair. In comparison to crabs, body lice have been known to spread a plethora of diseases as they feed on human blood. These lic
What is an Autoclave used for?
To sterilise metal tools