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The perfume is usually made out of different essential oils and other ingredients that are all meant to be fragrant. There are a lot of choices that are available mainly because of the different blends of herbs and spices that have been created over the years. There are some perfumes that are more expensive because they are made out of high-quality ingredients. There are also some that are not too expensive because the ingredients that are used may be a bit diluted or cannot be considered the best of the best.

It will help to research the differences between the types of perfumes available. The various brands may offer similar fragrances but there are no two perfumes that are exactly the same. Usually, the scent that people choose for themselves is something that is agreeable not only to the people around them but also their own natural scent. There are some perfumes that may smell better on others as compared to you because of your body’s natural scent.
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Are you struggling to decide on your signature scent? Maybe you're new to the world of fragrance and don't know where to start? Think of this quiz as your beginner's guide to perfume. We are often...

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    Which do you prefer the smell of?

Find out what scent will make you smell unforgettable!

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    After school, you’re:

Take the test to find out which perfumes suit you, based on your personality and style

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    You have just been paid a bonus and there’s a long weekend ahead of you, how are you going to spend your time and money?

Everywhere you go, at the beach, in the countryside, in town, you are sure to smell something. But would you be able to differentiate between the smell of moss and pine tree? Could you recognize a leather smell? This quiz will...

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    Perfumes are often inspired by the beach, the waves and warm.....?

What scent of perfume are you? Are you citrus, floral, or sweet vanilla?

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    What are your fave colors?


Perfume Questions & Answers

What is the difference between EDP and EDT?
If in case you are not aware of the differences between EDP and EDT, these are known to be two types of perfume. EDP stands for Eau de Parfum while EDT stands for Eau de Toilette. These two will show the number of essential oils or water/alcohol that
What is the difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?
Some may think that Eau de Parfum and eau de toilette are the same things but actually, they are different from each other. These are perfumes made out of essential oils that can be mixed to provide different smelling scents. Eau de Parfum is known t
What is the difference between Eau de Toilette and Aftershave?
Aftershave and eau de toilette are both grooming elements with different fragrances. The two substances have perfume oil in them, but with different concentrations. The aftershave perfume oil concentration ranges from one to three percent, while that
Why is it important to wear perfume?
Have you ever asked why people put on perfume? Have you ever felt nervous when you realize that you forget to wear perfume? There are innumerous reasons why people wear perfumes. It’s not just you; it’s your mind’s way of reacting a