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Do you consider yourself a makeup junkie? Are you the girl who gets caught applying mascara and lipstick during Geometry class; or that girl who spends hours and hours in front of the mirror just to perfect her look? I bet you have all the beauty must-haves in your makeup bag! Well let’s put that cosmetic expertise to the test. Can you identify makeup brands just by looking at their logos?

Do you know how to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth? Do you know everything about makeup dos and don’ts? See how well you do with our amazing quizzes about cosmetics! Find what your makeup brand match is. Check out what’s your perfect nail polish color. Proceed to our quizzes! Unleash that Makeup Guru in you!
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    Why should teens wait until the age of 14 to undergo teeth whitening treatment?

Wanna look good without spending a bunch of money on make-up? Then check out some of these cool beauty products

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    A nail polish that is colorless and goes on top of a colored polish is called what?

Are you studying for an upcoming cosmetology exam? This quiz will help you better prepare for that exam.

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    When razor cutting, it is recommended that hair be cut ____________

A non-complicated quiz based on Cosmetics

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    Using fluoride results in what percentage decrease in childhood cavities?

Can you answer all these questions about Cosmetics?

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    How old was Dr. Washington Wentworth Sheffield when he invented the first toothpaste?

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Cosmetics Questions & Answers

What does the term "cosmetics" refer?
The Greek word for adornment , meaning to improve the beauty or health of the skin.
What cosmetic product contains fish scales?
Fish scales contain certain substances which emit a kind of shimmer. This substance is used in lipsticks and nail polishes to give out a shimmery effect on application.
What is the difference between Chi and Ultra Chi?
There is no big difference between Chi and Ultra Chi. The small difference between the two products is that ultra chi is just one out of about 26 other flat iron products that are available in the market. Apart from this, ultra Chi is mostly desired
What is the difference between lip gloss and lip glass?
Most women do not leave the house without having a tube of charming lip gloss in their purse. It is one of the essential beauty items for women. Most lip glosses, despite their popularity, contain something like petroleum jelly because it is a cheap