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  • Can I wash my hair daily?
    Can I wash my hair daily?
    Personally, I would not recommend you to wash your hair every day. Although, some people might not agree with my answer as waiting for a few days between washing your hair doesn’t lie in a dictionary. Trichologists believe washing your hair on a daily basis can lead to dry hair, making it vulnerable to breakage and a large amount of split ends. Doing so will also make your hair dull and lifeless. Of course, you also don’t want rough and unshiny hair. That’s why you should avoid washing your hair daily. Generally, a gap of 2-3 days between hair wash is considered fine by doctors except for those people who have oily hair. However, there is a very small proportion of people who need to wash their hair every day. This could be one who has very thin, rough, or oily hair, who lives in very humid areas, or who sweat a lot. In simpler terms, we can say it varies from person to person and their hair type and scalp texture. Moreover, it should be someone’s personal choice. To know more about what does shampoo does to our hair, you can also contact a well-skilled trichologist. You can also read some of my best answers: How can I develop my confidence? How can I find out my crush also likes me? Can we celebrate Christmas without Santa Claus?

  • Who has the hottest hair?
    Who has the hottest hair?
    Justin bieber omg i love him! It's so silky lol bum hair.

  • What is the difference between Mohawk and Fohawk?
    What is the difference between Mohawk and Fohawk?
    Are you curious about the difference between Fohawk and Mohawk? From the name itself, you can already decipher what type of hairstyle a fohawk is. This is similar to a mohawk, but it is not as extreme as the Mohawk. Some people do not approve of the Mohawk hairstyle because they feel that this is not one of the usual hairstyles that both men and women may wear. This type of hairstyle would involve leaving longer hair in the middle portion of the head while the sides are cleanly shaved off. For the Fohawk, the sides are a bit longer, so you will not notice immediately that there is more hair in the middle portion of the head.

  • What is the difference between Hair Gel and Hair Paste?
    What is the difference between Hair Gel and Hair Paste?
    As their names suggest, both hair gel and hair paste are styling products used on hair. Hair gel is water-based, and it used to make the hair stiff. When hair gel is used, it is challenging to restyle. Due to it being water based, hair gel can easily be washed out with water. On the other hand, hair paste is wax-based. It makes the hair supple, which allows the hair to be more natural to restyle. This creates a hair paste a more flexible hair product than hair gel. To wash out hair paste, it is necessary to use shampoo because it is based on wax.

  • What genes are responsible for hair color?
    What genes are responsible for hair color?
    I could list countries in Africa that are considered stable today, and these could well be different from those that might be listed next month. Africa is the continent whose countries are often unstable and therefore, if travelling, it is essential to check the most up to date advice for a specific African country. At the moment, your best bet is probably Botswana. It has a long-standing multi- party democracy unlike most countries in Africa whose political, social and economic make-up causes unsafe conditions. The Seychelles has been peaceful and Namibia in parts. Zambia is also considered safe at the present time.

  • Which glands are sweat glands?
    Which glands are sweat glands?
    This is incorrect. Mammary glands and ceruminous glands are modified sweat glands.

  • Which instrument should be used to slither a client's hair?
    Which instrument should be used to slither a client's hair?
    The correct answer to this question is B, shears. Slitherizing is a method of haircutting mean to help texturize hair, best used on thick hair and longer hair by decreasing bulk and adding volume for heavy or flat hair. To slither hair, you take sections of one's hair and use a light grip on the open shears to gently glide the blades out from the mid section of the hair outwards towards the hair's ends, away from the scalp. This technique thins the hair, allowing it to hang smoothly by thinning out to gradulated lengths, offering style, volume, and texture.

  • List five safety pre cautions when using a curling iron1.
    List five safety pre cautions when using a curling iron1.
    Create sectionsmoothprotect clienttest temperature

  • What is the difference between Hair and Fur?
    What is the difference between Hair and Fur?
    Hair and fur possess the same chemical composition, and both are made up of keratin; however, the core difference between hair and fur is word usage. The hair of nonhuman mammals is referred to as “fur,” and humans are said to have “hair.” The human hair must be cut, whereas, an animal’s fur grows only to a certain point, and then it falls out and is replaced by new fur. Human hair tends to develop independently, and it does not stop growing. Human hair does have different textures, depending upon your heritage, just as fur does and fur can be much thicker than a human’s hair. Animal fur has a double composition with an underlayer and one on top.

  • What is the difference between Taper and Fade haircuts?
    What is the difference between Taper and Fade haircuts?
    Men and women are getting trendier haircuts nowadays. Both of these haircuts have something in common because they both will most likely make a dramatic look. The look will be instant. They also both decrease the hair to the skin. However, there is a difference between these two stylish haircuts. The taper is where the hair is long on top and short near the hairline. On men, you will only see these changes for the haircut in two places which are on the sideburns and the neckline. The fade occurs in more than the two places than the taper. It occurs all the way around the whole head. They also have some similarities including using the same materials to do these haircuts.

  • What is the difference between Waxing and Shaving?
    What is the difference between Waxing and Shaving?
    Shaving and waxing are two methods of removing hair from any part of the body. Both are good at getting rid of hair, and people use them based on the one they are familiar with, and it should be noted that both come with different consequences. However, it is important to know the differences between the two. Waxing gives more pain than when you shave. Although some people will not feel more of this pain, probably they have more tolerance for pain. Waxing is good and mostly used by men in removing hair in any part of their body. Waxing will also be recommended for women who want to remove their facial hairs. Most people do not like shaving because after shaving, the hair will start growing thicker and darker; for this reason, shaving is not always good for women. While waxing makes the hair comes very softer and finer

  • What is the difference between a Brazilian Blowout and a Keratin Treatment?
    What is the difference between a Brazilian Blowout and a Keratin Treatment?
    If you like for your hair to look nice, you may get it styled, or you may settle for a technique. Some of the techniques are the Brazilian blowout and a Keratin treatment. The Brazilian blowout is the name of a brand, but it refers to a way of smoothing a person’s hair. If you want a sleek look, then you should go for the keratin treatment. If you want more volume, but the hair is still smooth, then you should get a Brazilian blowout. If you need something done fast to your hair and you want it to look good immediately, then you should get the Brazilian blowout. A keratin treatment will lessen the frizz from your hair.

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