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It’s going to take all the style and all the fashion sense to get past this trivia. Don’t waste any more time. Grab your best clothes, match them, take your favorite shoes and let’s get on with answering questions. But are you sufficiently proficient when it comes to fashion? Do you know some of the most famous designers in the world right now? Are you aware of some of the most important events in fashion history? If yes, then take our quizzes and find out!

What cities are generally considered to be the fashion capitals of the world? Of how many levels does the fashion industry consist? What is the most successful and longest lasting fashion magazine in history? It’s your turn. Relax and go impress everyone with your performance on the catwalk.

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  • Which style of eye makeup do you wear most often or like thebest?

  • Which style of blush and lip color do you prefer?

  • Assuming you wear nail color, which colors are your favorite?

  • What did the Hudson Overall Company change its name to in 1919?

  • How many Banana Republic stores existed when they were bought by The Gap in 1983?

  • What was the initial investment Phil Knight made in founding Nike?

  • You are out shopping and have just enough money to buy one of these items. Which do you buy?

  • What does your room look like?

  • Which of these best describes your favorite bag?

  • What is your favorite show?

  • Who is your role model?

  • What do you envision yourself doing at a fashion show?