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  • Is it true or false that there is no longer a social stigma attached to wearing open-toed sandals with panty hose?
    Is it true or false that there is no longer a social stigma attached to wearing open-toed sandals with panty hose?
    We are getting to the point with society, where wearing certain clothing items, or pairing shoes with outfits is no longer taboo or controversial. Wearing open-toed sandals can look either fantastic or trashy, depending upon what type of gear with which they are worn. For example, if they are worn with the appropriate skirt for the occasion open toes sandals can even look classic when worn with pantyhose; however, open-toed shoes with fishnets might look or appear trashy. Women must be careful in some situations. Overall society tends to adapt to unique fashion and out of the box. It all depends on the individual wearing them.

  • Which fashion style will never go out of trend?
    Which fashion style will never go out of trend?
    Are you the one who always eyes the latest fashion trends? Do you often look for what fashion styles are in trend now? If your answer to both questions is yes, you should definitely read this answer. You all know that this world is all about trends. Some trends get remixed and updated all the time while some fashion trends come and go without gaining too much popularity. Amidst of these, there are some amazing fashion trends that never go out of style and can never fade. Animal-Print Clothing: Every time, these animal prints get more magnified and graphical. Now, you can imagine how this fashion trend will never go out of the talk. Florals: The beauty of floral prints can never fade away. In fact, it gets updated from time to time. Floral dresses have been effective since Japanese kimonos, centuries ago and they have managed to survive till now. You can also try floral outfits if you want to go with the never-ending trend. Bell-bottomed pants: Initially, these pants were the talk of the town during the 70s and are back again with their new look. The White Shirt: It has become a fashion item since the 1920s.

  • What colored tie is the most suitable on a navy blue suit?
    What colored tie is the most suitable on a navy blue suit?
    Red, green and pale blue look good with navy. However, be careful not to choose too strong a color or you may look garish rather than refined. Navy on curtains, say, or a child's dress, contrasts well with bright yellow but this doesn't work well with a navy suit. The fact that you're wearing navy suggests you want to make a fairly sober effect on those you meet, or to look professional and workmanlike for an interview or board meeting. If you are very young, you can risk a bright color if you're just mixing with your mates at an event, but if it's a wedding or an interview, play safe and go for a bluey-green. If you want to look handsome, match your eyes. They are unlikely to be red or yellow!

  • Should I wear brogue shoes?
    Should I wear brogue shoes?
    Brogue shoes are amazing shoes, expensive at that. Since they are made of leather, they will require extra care, and you should be aware of the fact that they’re not the best shoes for wet climates. However, they are often considered a more formal shoe. You might want to look into why you want these shoes. Do you have a formal event coming up - like an awards ceremony at work, or a dinner at a fancy place with your wife? If you don’t think you’ll wear them often enough to justify spending a lot on them, look into a shoe that looks similar but could be worn more often. Shoes are an essential part of the outfit, but that doesn’t mean you have to bankrupt yourself for a new pair of shoes for every occassion.

  • Who were the best dressed people at the Royal Wedding?
    Who were the best dressed people at the Royal Wedding?
    Doria, the mother of the Meghan Markel, the bride impressed with an attractive outfit which was both modest and stunning. There is beauty in simplicity and this lady proved it. Her elegance in the white coat and close-fitting hat contrasted with some of the over-blown extravagances in hats of other guests. One outfit in mustard, again not extravagant in cut or style, also drew the eyes of most. This was worn by Amal. Another very well-dressed and attractive guest was Gina Torres, in a delicate and dainty long red dress with white sprigs pattern topped with a simple cream hat. Unpopular though she may be, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, looked neat and attractive in navy with pink trim, and far more appropriate than either of her daughters. Finally, dressed for a funeral in long, drapy black, the usual miserable expression dominant, the lissom body of Victoria Beckham graced the wedding.

  • What fashion trend changed the world?
    What fashion trend changed the world?
    One fashion trend that I can think of that changed the world was the invention of the high heel. They were once considered manly because early horse riding was hard to do without a way to keep a heel in the stirrup. The high heel fixed this - usually through the use of an inch high heel on the very back of the shoe. Then women began to wear them in an effort to look more masculine, and that backfired on them. Now, the heeled shoe has changed in almost every way except one: most heels are still at the very back of the shoe, where they were originally designed to be due to use. Those can barely support weight and make it difficult to wear flat shoes if you wear heels all the time.

  • Why do we wear formals for an interview?
    Why do we wear formals for an interview?
    Wearing a more formal outfit than you would on a day-to-day basis to a job interview, as the previous answer states, gives the sense that you care about the job. There are people out there that consider that “casual”, but that’s for a different answer. If you care about the job and about your chances of getting it, you’ll show it through not only dressing appropriately, but by reaching on time, listening to the interviewer, etc. Especially if you’re prepared for it before the interview comes. One other reason to wear a more formal outfit (think business dress rather than full on formal dress) is that it simply shows that you respect other person’s precious time. Someone is giving you time out of a busy day to see if you’re the right fit for the job. Show them that you respect them.

  • Why are girls more interested in Fashion than boys?
    Why are girls more interested in Fashion than boys?
    Girls and women in general are more interested in fashion because they are bombarded with so many fashion ads. Buy this brand and you’ll be the envy of your friends; it has functional pockets! Men, however, tend to go for fit and comfort. Furthermore, as the previous answer states, women will talk about fashion and have outfits for different occasions. Men, not so much. This stated, a lot of the large name brands - Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, etc. - are designed by men! Furthermore, in this age, taking an interest in fashion is often discouraged when it’s a man, unless he’s buying a suit. Men aren’t expected to care about how they look. The entire makeup industry (part of fashion) thrives off women not feeling adequate in their own skin. That dynamic makes women care more.

  • What type of suit is the tophat most suited to?
    What type of suit is the tophat most suited to?
    The top hat is usually associated with the more formal attires. You can wear these hats with a range of outfits. However, all of them fall in the formal category. The most commonly worn outfit is the tuxedo with tails. This is the conventional outfit, often paired with the top hat. You can also pair gloves with the outfit to complete the look. You can also try out the waistcoat style with a long 3 piece suit to complement the hat. Another interesting choice is the ascot suit which is not for the faint of heart. If you believe in strong fashion sense and making a statement, this is the suit for you.

  • What type of occasions should I wear double breasted jackets to?
    What type of occasions should I wear double breasted jackets to?
    The double breasted jacket s an interesting formal that shifts from the regular 3-piece suits we are used to seeing. You can wear these versatile jackets just like any other formal wear to the office. It is an approved formal wear and there is nothing wrong with wearing it once in a while, if you can pull it off. You can also wear it to family dinners. Pair it with a turtle neck to give off an elegant vibe that is truly inspiring. At other times you can wear it as an added accessory when you stroll outside. These include going out to restaurants, out to the club or as an added layer on top for an elegant finish.

  • Why do they say that you should wear suits that match your eye color?
    Why do they say that you should wear suits that match your eye color?
    You may have heard some people say that a man managed to look dashing because he wore a suit that matched the color of his eyes. Take note that matching the suit color does not have to be the exact color of your eyes. Rather, you have to look for suits in shades that compliment your eye color. When you have blue eyes, you can try suits in shades deep blues, lighter greens or pink. When you have green eyes, you can choose deep purples, and deep greens. If you have hazel eyes, choose colors in nice shades of burgundy, orange, and even lavender. Brown eyes will always look amazing in mocha, khaki green, and gold. What is your eye color? Choose a suit that brings out the color of your eyes and you will manage to look spectacular. Of course, the fit and the cut of the suit will matter too.

  • What type of watch strap will look best with a dull green shirt?
    What type of watch strap will look best with a dull green shirt?
    The right watch can make you look dapper. This extra accessory will not only allow you to tell time, you will also manage to look more put-together. You can match the strap that you wear depending on the clothes that you are wearing. Let us say that you are wearing a dull green shirt. You can pair with it. If you want to make the colors look all mixed together, you can choose a yellow-based or blue-based strap. If you would like to have more contrast, you can choose colors that are leaning towards red or violet. If you want to have a more monochromatic look, you can pair your dull green shirt with another shade of green for your watch strap. The possibilities are endless. You just have to make the right choice.

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