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The entire population of the world is in grave danger. An outbreak of quizzes has struck the world and unless we do something about it really quickly there are going to be some problems. You have to save the world this time from the terrifying quizzes. Questions will be coming at you from all directions. There are no vaccines, there is no medicine. The only things that can protect you from it are correct answers. Do you have the necessary knowledge to carry on such a task?

Maybe you should try these first: How much did the population of Europe decrease after the Black Death had ended? What was the reason for which the 1918 flu pandemic gained the nickname “Spanish flu”? How many Mexican natives are believed to have died due to measles in the 17th century? It’s time to save the world so get ready!

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  • Dyspnea, fatigue, increased pulmonary artery pressure, and decreased cardiac output are indicitive of...
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  • Atrial fibrillation is a common symptom that only occurs with...
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  • A client with mitral stenosis is scheduled for mitral valve replacement. Which condition may arise as a complication of mitral stenosis?  
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  • HIV and AIDS are the same thing.
    Disease question from

  • How is HIV transmitted?
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  • What is the most effective way to prevent contracting the HIV virus?
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  • Where would you most like to live?

  • At a party, you would be found...

  • In your spare time you...

  • Why is monitoring respiratory status a nursing priority when a client with COPD is receiving oxygen?

  • Which laboratory results are consistent with longterm COPD? Mark all that apply.

  • A client with COPD complains of headache and a “racing” heart; he is also restless and somewhat confused. Which problem would the nurse suspect?