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    You are aware of Polio Eradication Programme in your city. Children are vaccinated because

From FUNDAMENTALS SUCCESS: A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking by Nugent and Vitale, pages 238-251  

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      Which nursing action is most dependent on the principle: "the wider the base of support the greater the stability"? ( p.238)

Whatever word you use, whether it’s communicable, infectious or contagious, these diseases are easily transferred to others via bacterial or viral infection and it can happen via the simplest of social interactions, like...

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    HIV and AIDS are the same thing.

Questions from small group to help prepare to Course 3 exam

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    Mrs. B is a 72 year old woman who has increasing shortness of breath over a few weeks.This radiograph shows all of the following EXCEPT:

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    The nurse is assessing a patient and notes a Brudzinski’s sign and Kernig’s sign. These are two classic signs of which of the following disorders?   

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Disease Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Vertigo and Dizziness?
Vertigo and Dizziness can be used interchangeably when describing the sensation of instability or a feeling of lightheadedness. Although the symptoms of vertigo and Dizziness may seem very similar in some ways, the truth is both terms are not totally
Which of the following are symptoms of MS?
I stated that loss of sight is a symptom of MS and this app marked me wrong. That is baloney! Loss of eyesight was the symptom when I got optic neuritis which was my very first severe exacerbation. I wasked almost totally blind and couldn't even driv
What is the difference between Delusion and Hallucination?
Hallucinations and Delusions are both symptoms of schizophrenia, which is a sure indication of a misplaced perception of what reality is. Although both words are used to mean the same thing, they differ in meaning and in processes that lead to their
What is the difference between an Inherited Trait and an Acquired Trait?
The inherited trait is something that you have gotten because of the genes of your family members. For example, getting the same eye shape as your mother’s mean that you have an inherited trait. An acquired trait is something that you may get b