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Whatever word you use, whether it’s communicable, infectious, or contagious, these diseases are easily transferred to others via bacterial or viral infection and it can happen via the simplest of social interactions, like...

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    HIV and AIDS are the same things.

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    The nurse is assessing a patient and notes a Brudzinski’s sign and Kernig’s sign. These are two classic signs of which of the following disorders?   

From FUNDAMENTALS SUCCESS: A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking by Nugent and Vitale, pages 238-251  

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      Which nursing action is most dependent on the principle: "the wider the base of support the greater the stability"? ( p.238)

Choose the letter of the correct answer. :-)

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    A 22-year-old with stage I Hodgkin’s disease is admitted to the oncology unit for radiation therapy. During the initial assessment, the client tells you, “Sometimes I am afraid of dying.” Which response is most appropriate at this time?  

Do you know how to treat Alzheimer's patients? Would you like to try this quiz? When it comes to Alzheimer's patients, the focus is on managing the behavioral symptoms and slowing down the disease's progression....

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    The nurse would expect a client with early Alzheimer’s disease to have problems with:   

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Disease Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Chikungunya and Dengue?
Chikungunya and dengue are both viral diseases spread by mosquitoes. Although both diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes, dengue causes bleeding and has symptoms similar to that of arthritis, while chikungunya only causes arthritic-like symptoms suc
What are the symptoms and causes of Ischemic heart disease (IHD)?
Ischemic heart disease is a very rare kind of sickness. It is a medical condition whereby the major blood vessels of the heart are adversely affected such that they get damaged. This condition is caused by the build-up of plaque, which results in the
What is the difference between Angina and Heart Attack?
It is essential to start by saying that a heart attack presents similar symptoms as angina and vice versa. Angina is the chest pain that is caused by the inadequate blood supply. There is no structural damage to the heart. On the other hand, there is
What color should biological hazardous waste bags be?
The right color for biological hazardous waste bags is Red or Red-Orange. The reason why the common color for biohazardous bags is red or red-orange color cannot be farfetched. The color red, just like in other areas, is usually associated with some
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