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  • Look down, how many fat rolls do you have?
    Look down, how many fat rolls do you have?
    ALLOT! X100 (I'm obese) i feel so ashamed but love poking and jiggling my enormous(60cm+) belly

  • What do you know about obesity?
    What do you know about obesity?
    Your awareness of obesity is based on a number of factors: 1. Knowing what a healthy BMI is for your height. 2. Knowing the current trends in growing rates of obesity. 3. Knowing the habits that lead to obesity. 4. Knowing how to counteract these habits to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you are aware of these 4 factors, you can help yourself to overcome or avoid obesity. Current trends around the world, and especially in the United States, have the majority of people falling under the categories of being “overweight” or “obese”. This has caused many people to view being overweight as the new “normal,” skewing perspectives of health. It is important for you to be aware of what a truly healthy weight is if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Which are key processes in the breakdown of skeletal proteins for energy? (Select all that apply)
    Which are key processes in the breakdown of skeletal proteins for energy? (Select all that apply)
    Transamination and deamination of the amino acid to produce nh4+ -2. b. excretion of nh4+ in the urea cycle-3. d. proteolysis of skeletal muscle to produce amino acids-4. e. gluconeogenesis from pyruvate producing glucose to be used by tissues for energy-5. f. carbon skeleton conversion into pyruvate-a - correct. transamination and deamination are the first step in amino acid breakdown in order to remove the toxic amino group and form a carbon skeleton for gluconeogenesis b - correct. nh4+ (ammonium) is the byproduct of deamination, and must then be excreted in the urea cycle to prevent toxicity c - incorrect. the carnitine transport system is important in fat metabolism. acyl-coa does not play a role in protein metabolism. d - correct. proteins in muscle must first be broken down into amino acids in order to be metabolised. e - correct. once pyruvate has been produced, it can be used in gluconeogenesis to produce glucose to be transported to tissues such as the brain for energy production via glycolysis. f - correct. the carbon skeleton of amino acids can be converted into pyruvate via several pathways to produce pyruvate for use in gluconeogenesis.

  • Which ethical argument is most correctly matched with its ethical framework?
    Which ethical argument is most correctly matched with its ethical framework?
    This is right because it helps the patient - beneficence-a. justice ethics looks at being fair and equal to your patients. a better ethical framework for this argument would be veracity, which is to do with truthfulness and honesty. both justice and veracity are under the overall framework of principle-based ethics b. utilitarianism looks at benefiting the maximum number of people. if the action overall benefited the most people, it therefore would be considered the right thing to do, despite harm that may occur to a minority. c. beneficence follows the argument that you should benefit others when possible. this answer is therefore correct d. virtue ethics looks at what a virtuous person would do. whilst a virtuous person therefore would not discriminate against their patients, a better answer would be to match the argument with justice ethics, which looks at fairness and equality, or human rights ethics, which follows the idea of the un declaration of human rights, which includes the right individuals have to live without discrimination.

  • Which arguments support forcing obese individuals to lose weight and are correctly grouped with their ethical framework? (possibly more than one answer)
    Which arguments support forcing obese individuals to lose weight and are correctly grouped with their ethical framework? (possibly more than one answer)
    Tweight outweighs the discomfort of the individual who is forced to lose weight - consequentialism -2. c. it is in the good of the community, in terms of increased health, well being and productivity, for individuals to lose weight - communitarianism-a. consequentialism considers the ethical decision to be the one that provides maximum benefit. obesity has a huge cost to society, an if it were to be eradicated, it would have an overall beneficial effect. b. autonomy follows the idea that patients have the right to decide their own treatment. the argument and framework are therefore correctly matched together, however this is an argument against forcing individuals to lose weight c. communitarianism looks at what is best for the overall community, and as such could support forcing individuals to lose weight d. human rights ethics believes all people have the right to basic rights, including access to food, clean drinking water, shelter, no discrimination, etc. whilst this framework could be used to argue that obese individuals have the right to not be discriminated against and forced into doing something, the individual story of a patient is an argument under the relational ethics framework, more specifically, narrative ethics. additionally, not forcing individuals is an argument against the statement in the question, which said individuals should be forced to lose weight.

  • What is obesity?
    What is obesity?
    All of the above

  • The following drugs are used in obesity except?
    The following drugs are used in obesity except?
    Neuropeptide y agonist-older antiobesity drugs act by inhibiting noradrenaline or serotonin reuptake. newer ones have various mechanisms. older generation agents: -noradrenergic agents (influence appetite center) - phentermine, mazindol -serotonergic agents (influence satiety center) - fenfluramine, dexenfluramine -noradrenergic / serotonergic agents (combined action) - sibutramine newer agents -orlistat - inhibits gastric and pancreatic lipase - digestion and absorption of triglycerides is impaired -olestra - suprose polyester which can replace fat as a cooking medium -leptin analogues -neuropeptide y antagonist -beta 3 adrenergic agonists

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