Osteoporosis Quizzes & Trivia

Ever wondered what osteoporosis is? Or do you know? Maybe you're a med student, maybe you have a curious mind...but, if you think you know everything there is to know on this topic, then step right in.

With questions like "What is osteoporosis?", "What causes it?" and "How can you cure it?", there's questions to make you stand up straight and pay attention! Don't fall and break something though...not whilst you're trying to answer why bones become weakened, or why someone slouches if they have osteoporosis. With questions about spinal distortion, rib fractures and calcium deficiency, there's something in these quizzes for anyone that knows, or thinks they know about the human skeleton. So, think you know? Or are you a person that has to use a skeleton key to get to the answers?

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where by a person has a fragile bone with an increased susceptibility to fracture. Are you an expert or aspiring expert in this field? If so, this is the quiz for you. All the best.

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    Estrogen replacement therapy is contraindicated for use in which type of women?  

Choose the letter of the correct answer. You have 20 mins. to answer the questions.

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    Estrogen replacement therapy is contraindicated for use in which type of women?  

12 question with regard to Osteoporosis..Practice mode.

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    Osteoporosis is a disorder of?

This Assessment is for adults. It is for your information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. The results may not represent your individual medical situation and may not take into account all or your...

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    What is your gender?

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    Which is absorbed easily w/o stomach acid

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Osteoporosis Questions & Answers

What are antiresorptive drugs?
An antiresorptive drug is known to be a drug that is used for the bones. This is sometimes called the drug that is used by people with osteoporosis. This can do a lot more than that. This type of drug can generally improve the overall bone strength o