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Fitness Questions & Answers

How can I reduce my tummy fat easily?
You can reduce your tummy fat but it is not very easy. There is no hard and fast method through which you can diminish your tummy very easily as stubborn fat is not easy to lose. However, you can reduce your belly fat and it will take some time. Here
What are the differences between health and skill related components of fitness?
A health-related component is the efficiency of the body and skill related component is the performance in PA. Both, health and skill related components of fitness are those qualities which are definitely needed for a human being to maintain and pr
What is the difference between Jogging and Running?
If you don't really study or check the difference between jogging and running, you might easily think the two forms of exercise are the same. There are some differences between jogging and running. Jogging is simply a form of exercise in which you ru
What is non-oxidative glycolysis reliable for?
No that is wrongnon-oxidative glycolysis for about 1-2 minutesbut oxidative glycolytic last over 2 minutes