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Answer the following Cyber Wellness questions with the options given. You can only choose ONE answer for every question. Good Luck!

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    In chat rooms, nobody can identify you unless you want them to

Mengetahui tahap pengetahuan anda tentang kesihatan pergigian

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    Apa itu Gingivitis?

How emotionally well are you?

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  • Sample Question
    I have a well-developed sense of my own attitudes and values.

Wellness Questions & Answers

How a person interacts with the area they live in and how we avoid hazards in it, is called?
The answer to this A. People would always need to pay attention to their environmental health otherwise, this might become a problem in the long run. There are a lot of people who may live in environments that are not the best. This means that there
What is the main difference between health and wellness?
Health is something you always have (in different levels). Wellness is the best your health can be.
What is the definition of health literacy?
Being able to read, understand, and use health information in order to make informed decisions about one s health.