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10 item question in Asthma. This is a practice mode. There is no time limit. You can view the answer right after you answer each question.

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    Asthma is basically:

Choose the letter of the correct answer. 

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    Asthma is basically:  

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    Spirometry is a minor process that is used to measure asthma and COPD only 

Asthma is a chronic disease that causes a patient to have difficulties in breathing as it narrows the airways in the lung. It is important to ensure you prescribe accurate medication to a patient that coincides with their...

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     Asthma is basically:  

1. Enter your name, including first name, last name plus credentials2. Password: pafp13. Click "start quiz" 4. Answer the five multiple choice questions to receive a test score and a link to your CME certificate. PAFP...

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    What is the primary type of spirometer today?

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Asthma Questions & Answers

Which of these is/are correct?
1. Handihaler whirls when used correctlyThe aerochamber whistles when inspiration is too strong The turbuhaler does not whistle but the red replica does. This is used prior to prescription to determine if the patients has adequate strength of inhalat
What is the difference between Asthma and Bronchitis?
Asthma and bronchitis are both disorders that occur in the respiratory system of the human body. They can concern the bronchioles, bronchi, lungs, and another respiratory tract of the body. These diseases have to do with the bronchial tubes, and they
What possible treatment should you give in a patient with poorly controlled severe asthma?
High dose inhaled corticosteroid (such as fluticasone, budesonide, or triamcinolone) Salmeterol (a long acting beta agonist) Omalizumab (an immunomodulator) Predisone (an oral steroid) Reassess in 1-4 weeks
What would the nurse expect to elicit during percussing the client’s chest wall? A slightly obese female client with a history of allergy-induced asthma, hypertension, and mitral valve...
1. resonant sounds.- when percussing the chest wall, the nurse expects to elicit resonant sounds low-pitched, hollow sounds heard over normal lung tissue. hyperresonant sounds indicate increased air in the lungs or pleural space; theyre louder and l