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Lung cancer/pulmonary carcinoma/carcinoma of the lung is a malignant lung tumor which is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in lung tissues. This growth can spread to the nearby tissues or other parts of the body by a process of metastasis if the cancer is left untreated. Cancers that start in the lung are carcinomas that derive from epithelial cells. They are known as primary lung cancers and are of two types: small-cell lung carcinoma and non-small-cell lung carcinoma. Can you differentiate between the two types?

What are the causes of lung cancer? What are the signs and symptoms or lung cancer? How is lung cancer diagnosed? Take some of these our interesting quizzes on lung cancer to see how well your knowledge of lung cancer has held up over the years.
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    A 56-year-old man is worried about his risk of developing lung cancer. He has no medical problems, but he does report having smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 4 years while in college. He stopped smoking more than 30 years ago.   Of the following which is the most accurate statement regarding this patient's risk of developing lung cancer?

Choose the letter of the correct answers. Goodluck:-)

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    Gina, a home health nurse is visiting a home care client with advanced lung cancer. Upon assessing the client, the nurse discovers wheezing, bradycardia, and a respiratory rate of 10 breaths/minute. These signs are associated with which condition?

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    ​The nurse is caring for a client after a bronchoscopy and biopsy. Which finding, if noted in the client, should be reported immediately to the health care provider? 

Think you know everything about lung cancer? Let's see! Here is an informative quiz to test your knowledge about lung cancer. It is meant to educate and for you to pass it along and share with others. 7 questions in under 4...

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    What is the #1 cancer killer of men?

The following learning assessment is for the maiCE article Lung Cancer: Disease, diagnosis and treatment. The CE article may be opened in a new window (by right clicking on the link) or you may hit the 'back' button on...

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    What is the most common type of lung cancer?


Lung Cancer Questions & Answers

Why do people smoke even if it causes lung cancer?
It seems that people are now making an effort to stop smoking but it does not mean that people who are aware that smoking is bad for them to have already stopped. A lot of people are aware that smoking is bad for them and yet, they still do it. They
What are the common symptoms of lung cancer?
The main problem with diagnosing lung cancer is that it shares symptoms with other diseases. You may think that you are suffering from a less serious condition. It is best that you get yourself checked from time to time so that you can detect if you
What breathing exercises should I try if I have lung cancer?
There are a lot of people who are aware that lung cancer can cause them to become breathless. A lot of people notice that their breathing may become fast. You would need to know some breathing exercises so that you can continue breathing well. You ca
What is the cost of treatment of lung cancer in the USA?
Lung cancer is known to be one of the hardest cancers to cure not only because it can be aggressive but also because it is expensive. People who have no money have no chances of getting the right treatments to get cured. The surgery for the removal o
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