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Well you got nothing to do right now. Better have a smoke, right? Wrong. This quiz is much better looking and can satisfy you much more than a cigarette ever could! Quizzes have been proved to be beneficial for the human intellect whereas cigarettes cause harm. Now why don’t you take a moment and see a couple of the questions that we have included in the quiz, just to get an idea!

Tobacco smoking today is practiced by how many people around the world? The history of smoking on Earth can be dated as far back as what? What percentage of the adult population of Earth is believed to practice smoking? Ultimately it is up to you to choose. If you know a lot about smoking, try our smoking quiz.
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This quick and interesting quiz is intended to give you some ideas to consider which electronic cigarette is right for you? Are you addicted to smoking? If yes, then this quiz is designed to help you know about electronic...

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    Throat hit is important to people who vape. Throat hit is the feeling in the back of your throat that you associate with smoking an analog. People who smoke menthol and ultra-light cigarettes have a tendency to want a lighter throat hit. People who smoked full flavor cigarettes and those who pull directly into their lungs are usually looking for the "hardest" throat hit. It is all a matter of taste. There are methods to adjust throat hit with any ecig model, so just give it your best guess. What kind of throat hit do you think you will like?

Regardless of how harmful smoking of different substances is, people still smoke anyway. Of all that you know and have heard about smoking what is true and otherwise? The quiz below will help you know exactly this.

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    Some people can become addicted to nicotine even after only smoking one or two cigarettes

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    How many chemicals does tobacco smoke contain?

What type of smoker are you?  Take this quiz and find out! By finding out you will able to predict what you'll find tough in quitting and prepare making it easier for you.

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  • Sample Question
    You find yourself having a smoke - what's the most likely reason?

According to the American Lung Association, Cigarette smoking is the most important source of disease and premature death worldwide. Each year, 443,000 Americans lose their lives. This Smoking Hazard quiz has been created to test...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 512   |  Last updated: Feb 22, 2021
  • Sample Question
    The addictive chemical in cigarettes is known as:


Smoking Questions & Answers

What is the temperature of the tip of a burning cigarette?
Temperature of a cigarette end is normally 400C. Inhaling a drag increases its temperature to 900°C.
What is passive smoking?
Passive smoking means the involuntary process of inhaling smoke from any tobacco products like cigarettes, especially when you have smokers around you. Many people still don't know that, although they might not be actively smoking cigarettes, by inha
What are the harmful effects of passive smkong?
Passive smoking is not only when you inhale the smoke from other people's cigarettes, even when you inhale the smoke from a burning cigarette you are equally a passive smoker. Passive smoking comes with a lot of harmful effects. The sad thing is that
What is the difference between Zyban and Wellbutrin?
There is no much difference between Zyban and Wellbutrin. The two i.e Zyban and Wellbutrin are antidepressants and they are commonly prescribed to treat depression disorder and they are also used to help smokers combat nicotine addiction. But the dif
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