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Breathe in - breathe out! Breathe in - breathe out! If you are a vice free person, you are not going to feel anything. But if otherwise you are one of those people who indulge in the sweet relief of Nicotiana, you will immediately feel the need to light up. "What are the ways to consume the tobacco leaf?", "How many cigarettes are sold each day?",

"In the late 1990's and early 2000's, tobacco companies were involved in several multi-million/billion dollar lawsuits for what reason?", and "What was the cause that made tobacco very popular among young people in the mid-1900's?" are just some of the questions from this quiz dedicated to smokers and tobacco enthusiasts. Find out if you are truly a tobacco lover, or just a habit smoker!

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Learning detailed facts about alcohol and drugs can assist you in making correct decisions about your health. In this quiz, you'll learn about Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco and how they affect your body and mind. This...

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    The term "Proof" means

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    What is the addictive drug in cigarettes?

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    Because there is no tobacco in them, e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

To help raise awareness on issues of tobacco use, Inuit Tuttarvingat of the National Aboriginal Health Organization  (2009) has compiled this quiz. See what you know, and test others around you.   This quiz, and...

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             Nicotine gum or the patch should only be used to quit smoking.

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    A number of people who die prematurely due to tobacco smoke?

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Tobacco Questions & Answers

How old must one be to purchase alcohol?
It should be all of them as there are some countries where the legal age is as young as 16
What is the difference between Tobacco and Cigarettes?
Tobacco is a plant in which, when it is prepared from dried leaves, it becomes a drug. People chew or smoke it to get a buzz. Tobacco contains numerous harmful ingredients, as nicotine is a dangerous chemical that is found in tobacco. It is highly ad
Is it a myth or fact? If you quit smoking, you will gain weight.
Myth- Fact: some people actually lose weight after they quit. for those who gain, it usually ranges between 5-7 lbs. you might gain weight because: after years of smoking and dulling the senses, food starts to smell and taste good again. as a smoke
Is it a myth o fact there are two main types of smokeless tobacco: chewing tobacco and snuff?
1. fact-explanation: you can get chewing tobacco in forms called loose leaf, plug or twist. users of smokeless tobacco usually put the product between their gums and theircheek. they suck on the tobacco and then spit the juices. for this reason, smok