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Did you know that alcohol, one of the most controversial products ever known that is capable of altering human consciousness, was first used as an antiseptic agent and intoxication agent? To know more such interesting facts and trivia, take our online alcohol quizzes with a variety of questions.
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Welcome to How Drunk Am I Quiz! Don’t know your limits? Having a wild night of drinking can seem like a lot of fun, but a pounding headache tomorrow morning is far from the only danger involved. Take this quiz when...

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    Can you walk in a straight line?

Can you answer all these questions about Alcohol?

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    What fruit will you find floating in the drink called a Manhattan?

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    If a guest becomes intoxicated and tries to get in their car to drive, you should?

Sit back, relax and have fun with this alcohol quiz!

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    What cocktail mixes 2 oz. bourbon with 2 tbsp. lemon juice and 2 tsp. sugar syrup?

This is a pre-test to see how much you know about alcohol already. THIS IS NOT FOR A GRADE, it is just an assignment. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability.

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    Alcohol is not a drug.

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Alcohol Questions & Answers

Will alcohol kill ringworm?
Rubbing alcohol may be applied to take care of ringworm with certain success. To care for ringworm, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, and saturate the area of infection. Let the area to become dry and keep it exposed if possible. • Apply
What alcohol is in Mike's Hard Lemonade?
Mike’s Hard Lemonade is made from a fermented malt which is very common to, and essentially, beer. Mike’s Hard Lemonade was founded on April 1, 1999 and initially was distributed by Labatt Breweries of Canada in the United States and was
What is the difference between Ethanol and Methanol?
Ethanol is a colorless liquid that is extremely unstable. It possesses a strong, burning odor, and it will burn like a bright blue flame. Methanol, on the other hand, is a colorless liquid that is also quite unstable. Its odor is a recognizable chara
What is chemically true about alcohol?
The health counsel on alcohol is confounding. Drink progressively – it anticipates heart disease. Drink less – it causes liver disease. Also the numerous myths about lager versus wine, headache cures and regardless of whether liquor can m
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