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  • What should you do if the guest doesnt have a photo id?
    What should you do if the guest doesnt have a photo id?
    The question clearly states they do not have a photo ID so why would you continue to ask for a "photo ID" the question should be rephrased to if the customer doesn't have a valid drivers license, what should you do? Then the answer could be "ask for other forms of photo ID"

  • Should alcohol marketing really be banned?
    Should alcohol marketing really be banned?
    If an alcoholic drink is a legal product, it should be legally possible for it to be advertised. Bans on alcohol advertising, according to the alcohol and advertising industries, would have damaging effects on the alcohol market and on the media. They also argue that bans are not justified as advertising is concerned with promoting sales of individual brands, and they believe there is no evidence of a causal link between advertising and the overall level of alcohol consumption or the amount of alcohol-related harm. Promoting brands, recruiting new drinkers and increasing sales among existing consumers, however, are the important things advertisers care about, according to those who are against the marketing of alcohol. Intensive advertising and promotion of alcohol appears to sanction and legitimize use of a product which causes high levels of damage to individuals and society. Alcohol advertising appears to be one-sided, avoiding any reference to the negative elements of alcohol consumption. It’s also necessary to enable alcohol to compete against other alternative drugs as well as soft drinks. There is some evidence that bans on alcohol advertising can have beneficial effect on the level of harm, at least in the longer term.

  • What should you do if a guest becomes intoxicated and tries to get in their car to drive?
    What should you do if a guest becomes intoxicated and tries to get in their car to drive?
    Warn guest that you will call the police if they drive away

  • What is the difference between Alcohol and Liquor?
    What is the difference between Alcohol and Liquor?
    Most people think the word "alcohol" is the same as "liquor" but this is not the case. In fact, people use them interchangeably because they think these words mean the same thing. However, alcohol and liquor are far from being the same. Alcohol is a chemical term that describes an organic compound. It contains a hydroxyl functional group. An example of this is ethanol. Alcohol is a clear liquid at room temperature. It is not as dense in nature. Alcohol dissolves easily in water. It is also highly flammable. It is dangerous to consume alcohol in its raw form as it is highly toxic to the human body. Liquor, on the other hand refers to distilled alcoholic beverage. Liquor is made by the process of distilling fermented grain. The term ‘liquor’ comes from the Latin term ‘liquere’ which means ‘to be fluid.’ Hope you find this useful.

  • Which of the following is true about alcohol?
    Which of the following is true about alcohol?
    The health counsel on alcohol is confounding. Drink progressively – it anticipates heart disease. Drink less – it causes liver disease. Also the numerous myths about lager versus wine, headache cures and regardless of whether liquor can make you fat. What does alcohol really do to the human body? How can it influence conduct and what may be done to reduce, or even keep, its most unsafe impacts? In this present reality where having a glass of wine or a half quart of brew is regularly observed as something fun, For instance a direct consumer, heads to the bar to screen his week after week admission of alcohol. As a major aspect of his work, the specialist welcomes local people to participate in some exceptional analyses, looking to answer why a few people get intoxicated — or hard and fast alcoholic — faster than others In large doses, it is a depressant; in small doses, it is a depressant.

  • Which of the following is an example of a house duty?
    Which of the following is an example of a house duty?
    In many states in the US, bars and eateries must quit serving liquor at 2 a.m. It would be illegal to keep on serving drinks after that. However, there are contrasts relying upon the state. A few states close at 3 a.m. though Delaware requires last call to be at 12:45 a.m. There are special cases to this control contingent upon what is permitted by that state. In South Carolina, every district sets its own particular standards for last call for liquor. In the Area of Columbia, the time is reached out on New Year's Eve to 4 a.m. At the point when a bar or eatery houses obligation, the bar may broaden the hours for serving the liquor to 3 a.m., yet this is done on Friday and Saturday evenings.

  • Does advertisement of alcohol really promote the appeal of drinking?
    Does advertisement of alcohol really promote the appeal of drinking?
    Over the years, scientific research, health agencies and universities have been able to demonstrate a correlation between alcohol beverage advertising and alcohol consumption, especially among initially non-drinking youth. That increased awareness of alcohol messages amongst young people may lead to earlier drinking, higher consumption and increased harm, and those factors should be addressed through stronger marketing regulation. However, there is an equally significant body of research positing that alcohol advertising does not cause higher consumption and rather merely reflects greater public demand, with many commentators suggesting that effective alcohol campaigns only increase a producer's market share and also brand loyalty. The alcohol industry has tried to actively mislead the public about the risk of cancer due to alcohol consumption, in addition to campaigning to remove laws that require alcoholic beverages to have cancer warning labels. Currently, the standard is that alcohol advertisements can only be placed in media where 70% of the audience is over the legal drinking age.

  • Can alcohol cause seizures?
    Can alcohol cause seizures?
    While having an occasional drink is normally an enjoyable experience, it can cause major health risks such as seizures. When taking anti-epileptic drugs or if someone has epilepsy, heavy drinking is not suggested. Anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs) can exaggerate the side effects of alcohol and make yor body more sensitive to the alcohol, making it easier to get drunk off of fewer alcoholic drinks. After heavy drinking, AEDs can cause your body to have “withdrawl seizures” that can begin within 7 to 72 hours. Binge drinking can cause seizures even amongst people who are not epileptic, but the seizures are not caused by “withdrawl”, but rather the toxic effects of alcohol.

  • What was the effect of alcohol prohibition on America?
    What was the effect of alcohol prohibition on America?
    Prohibition was a major event in the US occurring in 1919. The Eighteenth Amendment prohibited the manufacture, sale and transportation of intoxicating beverages, However, it did not outlaw the possession or consumption of alcohol. Bearing in mind that males aged 18-25 would likely be the main risk category, most of this age group had been touched by WW1 and a significant proportion of these may have been traumatised. Turning to alcohol to suppress distressing images could be predicted. The amendment became the law of the land. The effects? In the first year after this became law, the number of crimes committed in 30 major cities in the U.S. increased by 24%. A similar increase occurred for arrests for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Arrests for drunken driving jumped by 81%. The latter particularly was a severely negative outcome of prohibition.

  • What factors led to contribute a prohibition in the United States?
    What factors led to contribute a prohibition in the United States?
    Religious groups in the US led the country in a belief that poverty, crime, physical abuse and child neglect all stemmed from excessive use of alcohol. Abstinence was seen as godliness. Proponents of abolition saw their first step as prohibition: if they could prevent alcohol reaching the populace, drinking would stop and then so would the crisis. It was a naiive view that alcohol was the major cause of most personal and social problems/ The abolitionists were joined by the women's suffrage movement. Domestic abuse probably increased their desire to stop men drinking. Prohibition didn't work well. Producing alcohol in the US reduced commercially. People could drink privately and at home, and there was no law stopping them from making their own alcohol, which they did.

  • Why did Alcohol Prohibition fail?
    Why did Alcohol Prohibition fail?
    Unlike Islamic and some other states, the drinking of alcohol itself is not illegal in the US and probably never will be. Prohibiting the management of alcohol in some ways, but not all, was always unlikely to rid a country of the evils of drinking to excess. Mediterreanean countries are freer with alcohol but it is unusual for their city centres to be spoiled in the evenings by drunken behaviour as it is in many British towns on a Friday and Saturday night and in the US. If alcohol is banned, then it will come in on the black market, as has happened with hard drugs. The selling of drugs is illegal, therefore those who do so are criminal and the practice attracts criminality. The same would be true if alcohol was banned. Limiting its movement only served to increase criminal activity around alcohol, such as drinking and driving, which causes accident to the innocent.

  • What is the difference between Triple Sec and Cointreau?
    What is the difference between Triple Sec and Cointreau?
    Are you familiar with these two? If not, then you should know that these are both orange liquors. They come from the orange peels that people may usually discard. This time, the orange peels are used solely for this purpose. There are a lot of people who are fond of this from different parts of the world. Triple Sec gets the orange peels from the Carribean while Cointreau is known to be a brand that uses different oranges from various parts of the world. Cointreau will usually contain more alcohol as compared to the Triple Sec. This can be one of the factors that people will consider when they need to decide which among the two they would like to drink more.

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