Top Alcohol Quizzes & Trivia

Alcohol is easily one of the most controversial products regarding laws, age, and terms of health on the market today. Regardless of how controversial it may be, that doesn’t make the history of alcohol or any of the fun and surprising facts you’ll discover in this quiz any less interesting. Why not find out just how much you really know about alcohol before forming an uneducated and boring opinion of it?

Do you know where the word “toast” originated from and what you are wishing when you make one? Does drinking alcohol raise or lower your body temperature? Can you name the official drink of the United States? The world’s oldest known recipe is for what alcoholic beverage? The history of alcohol is rich and fascinating. Be responsible and take this quiz to test just how much you really know when it comes to your favorite beers and spirits.

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  • Why would you call the party to attention?

  • Alcohol is not a drug.
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  • Alcohol is:
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  • Once alcohol enters the bloodstream, it moves quickly to the brain to affect behavior and thinking.
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  • If a guest becomes intoxicated and tries to get in their car to drive, you should?

  • How is most of the alcohol a person consumes absorbed into the bloodstream?

  • Which method will most effectively slow the absorption of alcohol?

  • Are you best served with ice? Do you mix well with most other liquids?  
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  • Are you picky about what liquids you will mix with?  Are you a diva that needs special treatment, such as salt, etc?
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  • Are you always ready to go?  Are you usually comfortable in groups of at least 6?  Is one shot of you never enough?
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