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If you were to survey the refrigerated section in your local convenience store, you might find that there are at least a few hundred different kinds of soda. Coca-Cola alone has some 3,500 different soft drinks in its international arsenal. In other words, if you were to try one every day, it would take 9 years to sample them all. There are many exotic sodas to be found worldwide, particularly in Japan, where flavors include:

yogurt, green tea, octopus, wasabi, kimchi, cheese, cucumber, and eel, amongst others. If this achieved to agitate your interest, wait until you see the next questions: "What was the occupation of the man that invented sodas?", "What current beverage company started as Unadulterated Food Corporation?", and "What was the name of the first major diet soda to hit the market?". Fizz through these quizzes!

What do you love the most Cola, Lemonade, Pepsi or others? Let's see.....

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 103   |  Last updated: Feb 6, 2017
  • Sample Question
    Do you love Coca Cola the best?

In this quiz you can find out if you are most like coke, sprite or rootbeer!!

Questions: 7  |  Attempts: 85   |  Last updated: Nov 3, 2016
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    Your 10 year old brother falls into a hole in your backyard you.............

Find out what soda you are

Questions: 3  |  Attempts: 77   |  Last updated: Apr 23, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Are you a juggalo

Soda Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Sparkling water and Soda water?
Sparkling water and Soda water are two types of water, and they are both drinkable, but the difference between them is largely on how they are gotten or prepared. Sparkling water is the type of water obtained from spring or natural well. Sparkling wa