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  • What is the difference between Sparkling water and Soda water?
    What is the difference between Sparkling water and Soda water?
    Sparkling water and Soda water are two types of water, and they are both drinkable, but the difference between them is largely on how they are gotten or prepared. Sparkling water is the type of water obtained from spring or natural well. Sparkling water is just one you get from its natural state without the addition of any other human-made product or chemical and is suitable for consumption. It usually comes with a unique taste, you will notice this when you are drinking it, provided its indeed sparkling water. Sparkling water comes with some natural minerals that are beneficial to human beings. Soda water, on the other hand, is s type of water that can be gotten from anywhere as long as it is plain water. Soda water is treated water for domestic use. This type of water is not natural again because a lot of chemicals would have been added to it in the course of the preparation. Unlike sparkling water, Soda water generally does not have a unique taste