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Coffee, tea, milk, juices, soft drinks, cider, beer, vodka, gin, whiskey, rum , tequila… weather you’re a spirits enthusiast or an absolute teetotal, we have an appetizing cocktail of quizzes for you! Test out if you can hold your liquor at our questions, or handle no more than a cup a tea! Where did coffee cultivation first take place?

Who has produced the first commercially available artificially carbonated drink? What is the percentage of sugar in a fruit punch? How long has beer been part of the human culture? Which drink has evolved from an herbal medicine to one of the most popular and widely distributed range of spirits? There’s a whole lot of remarkable facts in our beverage quizzes. Pour yourself a drink and enjoy!

In order to maintain the cost of food and beverages, restaurants or hotels maintains the budget in a methodical way by controlling the costs of food items which is vital for operational success and profitability. This...

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    The formula to calculate beverage cost is:

Section 8.3—Quiz: Special Types of Food and Beverage Sales

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    The Smithson family has reserved a function room and requested that a food buffet and a cash bar be set up. They will be using the room for three hours to honor the retirement of a family member. What type of event are they having?

Use this quiz to test your knowledge of Faygo the Original Party Pop.

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    What year was Faygo Beverages founded?

What beverage matches your behaviour.

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    Wich band would you see in concert?

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    Which of the Following is not one of the identified areas of service indicated in your text :

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