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  • Why do the bars have parking lots if you can't drink and drive?
    Why do the bars have parking lots if you can't drink and drive?
    Bars have parking lots because very often people use cars to commute to a bar and parking lot is the only place where they are supposed to park their cars. When a group of people walk into a bar it is not necessary that all of them have alcoholic drinks. Some of them might not and they might assume the responsibility of driving everybody safe to their homes. Also, some people have drivers for their cars. Their driver parks the car in the parking lot and later drive them back home.

  • What did Dolphous Raymond actually drink from his bottle hidden in the paper bag?
    What did Dolphous Raymond actually drink from his bottle hidden in the paper bag?
    The drink that Dolphus Raymond is really drinking from his jug covered up in the paper pack is Cola or Coca-Cola. He showed up in the novel composed by Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird. The story was published in 1960, won the Pulitzer Prize and wound up noticeably as one of the works of art of present-day American writing. The novel comprises a portion of the accompanying characters: Scout Finch as the storyteller and original hero of the story, Atticus Finch as Scout's dad, Jem Finch as Scout's sibling, Mr. Dolphus Raymond as somebody who likes to imagine that he's continuously intoxicated. The motivation behind why he believes that he's continually flushed despite the fact that Raymond was just drinking Coca-Cola is because Raymond needs a legitimate motive behind why he was talking with individuals around the local area.

  • What is the difference between Alcohol and Lactic Acid Fermentation?
    What is the difference between Alcohol and Lactic Acid Fermentation?
    Fermentation means the conversion of glucose, particularly yeast to alcohol. However, there are instances that glucose will be converted to a substance like lactic acid. Alcohol and lactic acid fermentation are two types of anaerobic biochemical reactions. However, there are some differences between the two. Alcohol fermentation occurs in microorganisms and yeast for the production of materials like bread, wine, beer, etc. During alcohol fermentation, the pyruvic molecules are transformed into ethanol and carbon (iv) oxide. On the other hand, lactic acid fermentation has lactic acid as its end product. Lactic acid fermentation occurs in some bacteria as well as in the muscle cells. Ordinarily, muscles cells make use of oxygen to carry out their cellular activities like respiration. But when there is a shortage in the supply of oxygen, the lactic acid fermentation process will be used as a means of respiration by the muscle cells. This type of fermentation is used in the production of materials like cheese and yogurt.

  • What are the two components of an Irish Car Bomb?
    What are the two components of an Irish Car Bomb?
    Wrong. Irish whisky floats on the Bailey's in the shot glass.

  • What is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero?
    What is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero?
    The Coca-Cola zero sugar drink and Diet Coke both do not have sugar and calories compared to the regular coke. Most people would say that the Coke zero tastes and looks more likely the regular Coke while Diet Coke has a lighter taste. This is due to the difference of an ingredient between the two. Zero Sugar Coke contains sodium citrate while Diet Coke features citric acid. Diet Coke does not contain potassium citrate acesulfame potassium whereas Zero Sugar Coke does. Diet Coke was launched in 1983 as the company’s first sugar-free soda while Coke Zero Sugar was released in 2016. Both drinks can be enjoyed by people who are craving for sodas but are health-conscious due to their absence of sugar.

  • What is the difference between Mixture and Solution?
    What is the difference between Mixture and Solution?
    Mixture and Solution are two popular terms in chemistry. These two terms are not the same, they are different from each other, but the only similarity between them is that both entail the coming together of two substances. The mixture can be defined as the physical process of combining two or more substances together in which no new compound is formed, and the mixture can only be separated by physical means. For example, when you mix small size solid particles with water, it can be separated by filtration to get the various constituent materials back. Each constituent of a particular mixture still carries its physical properties. The solution, on the other hand, is also a form of a mixture, but it entails the mixing of a solvent and a solute. To get a solution, the solute must dissolve in the solvent. Here, the physical properties of each constituent of this mixture cannot be gotten back, because it has dissolved completely in the solvent.

  • What is the difference between Espresso and Cappuccino?
    What is the difference between Espresso and Cappuccino?
    Espresso and cappuccino are both coffee drinks that are usually brewed with the use of an espresso machine. Both of these drinks use espresso as their base but they have a few differences that will be helpful to know for your next shot of caffeine. Espresso is made from densely packed fine grounds of coffee that is pressed down with very hot water. On the other hand, cappuccino is made from 1-2 shots of espresso with frothed and steamed milk. Compared to the Americano, espresso has a stronger taste and thicker. A shot of espresso has almost the same caffeine kick as a cup of black coffee. This might be too strong to some people thus cappuccino would be a good recommendation for them.

  • What is the difference between Diet Soda and Regular Soda?
    What is the difference between Diet Soda and Regular Soda?
    Regular soda is sweetened using high fructose corn syrup, and it contains a startling amount of sugar (nearly nine teaspoonfuls). Diet soda may be sugar-free, but it is artificially sweetened using aspartame, which provides an alternative to drinking a high-calorie beverage. Diet soda does not push up insulin levels inside the user. Diet soda contains artificial sugars, which experts have concluded it is not a good idea to drink too much of this either. Among the various poisons in a diet soda, there is something called phosphoric acid, which is bound to extract calcium from our bones. Research also indicates that aspartame causes cancer.

  • What is the difference between Tipsy and Drunk?
    What is the difference between Tipsy and Drunk?
    When someone says they are 'tipsy,' this generally means to say that they have had a drink or two and they have developed a nice, pleasant buzz. The person is just starting to feel the effects of alcohol, and they are having fun. The person still can walk and talk, and their judgment is still intact. When someone becomes drunk, they will generally slur their words, they may see double, or they may even sway or stumble from side to side. Sound judgment and driving skills are starting to become impaired at this point. The person may also have an encounter with the opposite sex, which they may either regret the next day or not remember very well. Saying that someone is a drunk means that they are a habitual drinker, and it is having a negative impact on their life. They may be at the point that their drinking is affecting others, and they may need help.

  • What kind of a drink would you like to have right now?
    What kind of a drink would you like to have right now?
    I am drinking water right now. There is nothing more refreshing than cold water. Water is the transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of earth’s streams, lakes, and oceans. It is vital for all forms of life, although it provides no caloric or organic nutrients. It’s chemical formula, of course, is H20. Each of the molecules contains one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Consuming water is essential to support good health. Water also keeps you hydrated, especially in the summertime. A properly hydrated body is shown to function better than someone who doesn't drink enough water.

  • What flavor do you like
    What flavor do you like

  • What is your color
    What is your color

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