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  • How expensive is the treatment of Cancer?
    How expensive is the treatment of Cancer?
    The treatment of cancer is really very expensive. And the prices of cancer drugs are growing rapidly according to the researchers. In fact, some researchers have predicted that the chances of getting bankrupt are also higher in cancer patients due to the cost of treatment of cancer cells. The treatment of cancer with drugs costs around 10,000 USD in America and these costs can vary with the type of cancer. A session of chemotherapy lies between 145 USD to 5832 USD totally depending on the drugs which you used earlier. Sometimes, these costs also depend on the length of the session. The overall cost could lie anywhere between 5832 $ to 11,665 dollars as per the reports of July, 2011. The reason for cancer treatment being so expensive is that it never involves a single line of treatment but includes a number of tests, a mixture of drugs, chemotherapy, and sometimes surgery (if required). In some censorious cases, cancer specialists also prescribe drugs after chemo sessions to avoid recurrence. Now, you can also imagine how much cancer treatment costs to the patient.

  • What is the difference between skin cancer and warts?
    What is the difference between skin cancer and warts?
    Some people might panic when they see something odd on their skin and think it might be skin cancer when it could only be warts. Skin cancer begins in the melanocytes. Thus, it could be often black or brown and flat. Moles, on the other hand, are also brown but are raised bumps on the skin and caused by the HPV (human papillomavirus). One would notice unusual sores, blemishes, lumps, and the color and size of the markings change if it is skin cancer. Warts are usually rough, and some could be painful. Skin cancer is usually the effect of being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun while warts are from the human papillomavirus that replicates in the skin’s epidermis layer.

  • Why do Cancer patients lose their hair?
    Why do Cancer patients lose their hair?
    It is not cancer itself that causes that hair loss but the treatments that are done in order to help cure cancer. People who are diagnosed with cancer are recommended to undergo chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is composed of drugs that will attack the cancer cells to completely eradicate them. The problem is that even healthy cells are targeted. This explains why people have to deal with the loss of their hair. The good news is when people become better and they are cancer-free, their hair will grow back for sure. Hair is one of the fastest growing cells in the body. It is likely that in a few months, people will have the type of hair that they have always wanted.

  • What causes bleeding in mouth cancer?
    What causes bleeding in mouth cancer?
    There are some people who do not even realize that they already have mouth cancer probably because the symptoms that they may experience are quite similar to what they would normally experience when they have mouth sores. You will know if you have mouth cancer if you are experiencing these different symptoms for no apparent reason. Look for a sore inside your mouth that does not want to heal. This sore may have the tendency to bleed as well. You may also notice that your teeth will start to become loose. There is also some difficulty whenever you start to chew. You may also start to experience unexplained tongue pain. If you encounter these symptoms, visit your dentist immediately.

  • When was cancer first detected?
    When was cancer first detected?
    It may seem surprising to a lot of people but cancer was first detected during the time of Hippocrates which was in 460 – 370 B.C. This was the first time when the term “cancer” was invented but according to research, there were some bones of people that showed signs that they had cancer back in 1600 B.C. It seems that there weren’t a lot of reports about cancer at that time because people do not really become old. People’s longevity has increased over the past years. It is now normal for people to reach the age of 80. People before used to live only up to their 40s or even younger. Cancer is more common on people who are older.

  • What do cancer charities do?
    What do cancer charities do?
    Cancer charities are meant to provide grants to cancer patients and their families who are having trouble paying for the expenses that are connected to treating cancer. It is a known fact that cancer is a very expensive disease to have. People who have it would need to be prepared to spend as much money as possible so that they can be cured. There are some people who just give up because they know that they do not have enough money. What are people going to do then? They would need to find cancer charities that will help them out. Charities have helped a lot of people get treatment and recover from cancer.

  • What type of people get Cancer easily?
    What type of people get Cancer easily?
    Smokers are people who are known to be at higher risk of developing cancer because of their constant exposure to cigarette smoke. There are also people who are at a higher risk if they are not physically healthy. People who are obese or overweight may be living unhealthy diets that will make them more exposed to carcinogens. There are also people who love to tan under the sun who are at a higher risk of acquiring skin cancer. Frequent sun exposure can be deadly to the skin. Those who suspect that they have skin cancer should get themselves checked immediately. It is obvious that people who do not take good care of their health are more at risk of developing cancer than those who do care for their health.

  • What are the most common types of Cancer?
    What are the most common types of Cancer?
    There are different types of cancer available but the most common types are the following: lung cancer, breast cancer, and colorectum cancer. Lung cancer is the most common probably because of people’s exposure to all sorts of pollution. Even people who have never smoked before may be at risk of developing this type of cancer simply because of the exposure to the smoke coming from vehicles, the smoke coming from factories, and so much more. Non-smokers who live in a household with smokers may develop lung cancer more. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer for women. This type of cancer usually starts at the milk-producing ducts.

  • Why is the number of Cancer patients increasing day-by-day?
    Why is the number of Cancer patients increasing day-by-day?
    There are different reasons why cancer rates have increased steadily over the past years. One of the main reasons is life expectancy. There was a time when people who are 30 years of age are considered old. Right now, 30 is still considered quite young for people’s standards. Another main cause of cancer rates is obesity. The unhealthy lifestyle that people live has contributed to the increase of the different diseases like cancer to become more common. A lot of people eat processed food products every day. This can always contribute to the growth of cancer cells. The health care facilities have also improved which means that the disease can be detected earlier as compared to before.

  • What type of cancers are not curable?
    What type of cancers are not curable?
    There may be different treatments that are available now but cancer is still known to be one of the deadliest diseases in the world. A person’s chance of recovering from cancer is always greater when it is diagnosed early but even so, there are a lot of people who die from the disease every year. The thing about cancer is that there is no actual cure for it. You cannot just drink a pill and assume that you are going to get better. There are so many treatments that can take a lot of time and money. It can also cause people to feel weaker as their healthy cells are also killed in the process. Lung and bronchial cancer are considered to be hard to cure especially in their aggressive stages. Colon cancer is also considered to be deadly because they form from polyps that may become cancerous.

  • Why can't esophaegal tumors be removed?
    Why can't esophaegal tumors be removed?
    One thing that should be remembered about esophageal cancer is that it can be treated but it cannot be cured. This is one of the hardest cancers to treat because the symptoms only start to come out when it is already in its advanced stages. If in case it would be detected during the early stage, the portion of the esophagus where the cancer is found can still be removed in order to cure the disease. This type of cancer normally targets people who are over the age of 50 but younger people are still at risk of developing this type of cancer. Take note that esophageal cancer has similar symptoms to other conditions that are not related to cancer.

  • What is the survival rate among cancer patients?
    What is the survival rate among cancer patients?
    There are a lot of factors that can affect the long-term survival of people. Those who have their cancer detected at stage 1 have a better chance of surviving a 5-year period. Once again, this would also depend on the type of cancer that they have. Those who have stage 4 cancer would have a lower chance of surviving especially since the cancer cells have already spread throughout the body and are causing the immune system to become even weaker. There are different factors that can affect the chances of cancer patients to survive for a longer period of time. Lung cancer is known to be one of the worst types of cancer and the survival rate is usually lower than the other types of cancers that are diagnosed.