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Maximize the fun and rejoice in the spirit of togetherness by spending some time together being entertained by our multitude of trivia and quiz games including games on health. One such game that is guaranteed to boost your knowledge is the quiz on hepatitis.

Did you know that there are 3 forms of the hepatitis disease that affect the liver, each with its own form of symptoms and treatments or that the origin of the word ‘hepatitis’ is part Ancient Greek and Latin? Quiz and trivia games may include different types of questions such as of multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank questions to keep you enthralled. Make your brain hurt with our brain teasers. Brain is a muscle. Our choice of trivia and quiz games are great warm up exercises for your brain.
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Choose the letter of the correct answer. :-)

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    A female client who has just been diagnosed with hepatitis A asks, “How could I have gotten this disease?” What is the nurse’s best response?

By: Lacy Smith and Ginny St. LawrenceDirections:Below are 10 questions, circle the best possible answer for each.

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    Who are exposed to blood or body fluids and can be infected?

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver tissue.What more do you know about it? Do you know what causes it? How you can prevent it? If you think you know a lot or you want to know more about it take this quiz.

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    Hepatitis is associated to which part of the body?

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    Patients infected with HBV who show no symptoms and have normal liver function tests are "healthy carriers."

Quiz about hepatitis viruses..

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  • Sample Question
    What is the incubation time for Hepatitis A ?

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Hepatitis Questions & Answers

What is the most likely virus responsible for this patient’s disease based on this graph? A 27-year-old female sex worker presents to a free clinic complaining of tea-colored urine and...
The correct answer is option B The woman most likely has Hepatitis B. The graph depicts the progress of hepatitis B. From the history we can tell that this woman is a sex worker who admits to use of intravenous drugs. Hepatitis B is most common trans
Which of the following is irrelevant? For the prevention of hepatitis A, you decided to conduct health education activities.
1. Use of sterile syringes and needles Hepatitis A is transmitted through the fecal oral route. Hepatitis B is transmitted through infected body secretions like blood and semen.
What special precautions should the nurse take when caring for this patient? Tiffany Black is diagnosed with type A hepatitis. 
Wear gloves and a gown when removing the patient’s bedpan.The nurse should wear gloves and a gown when removing the patients bedpan because the type A hepatitis virus occurs in stools. It may also occur in blood, nasotracheal secretions, and urine.
What is the difference between Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B?
Hepatitis generally means inflammation of the liver and the liver can get inflamed by a lot of reasons apart from virus infection. The liver can get inflamed through excessive alcohol drinking, physical injury and others. There are five different typ
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